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EnergyPeriscope is a professional-level performance estimating and financial analysis engine. Use it to create financial performance reports for single- or multiple-technology energy solutions. EnergyPeriscope accommodates retrofit applications, new construction buildings, and "Energy Farms" for selling PV- or wind-generated electricity. Model PV, solar water heating, solar pool/spa heating, solar hydronic radiant floor systems, wind turbines and energy efficiency projects. Screen Shots


Renewable energy performance analysis, financial analysis, sales proposals


Data results were validated against RETScreen, PVWatts and other energy analysis tools. Reports are available.

Expertise Required

Basic understanding of solar energy system design. Training is provided through multiple tutorial videos, live customer support, and free weekly Webinars.


More than 3,000 across the United States.


  • Solar, wind, and energy efficiency dealers, installers, contractors, and marketing/sales professionals
  • Consultants, architects, and designers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields
  • Financial advisors and due diligence personnel assessing and justifying the financial viability of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • Contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC, hydronic radiant floor, window, insulation, pool, spa, and other service professionals entering the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets: Performance estimation and pricing guidance is provided to help you avoid costly mistakes.


Standard information needed to create an analysis and report (customer profile data, site assessment and parameter information, cost/type and configuration of energy system, monthly customer energy usage, etc.). Default values can be used.


Full color proposal materials with detailed performance, environmental, and financial analysis in text, tablature, and graphical formats. May be exported to PDF or RTF formats. Dashboard and account reporting to track and manage sales leads and jobs/quotes. Enterprise Edition allows coordination and management of sales activities across an organization.

Computer Platform

Any Internet-enabled computer. Will run on any browser, as it is a Web-based application.

Programming Language

Server-based proprietary software. Internet-based communications comply with W3C internet protocol standards, and U.S. industry standards for privacy and security.


Intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Develops reports for single- or multiple-technology energy solutions.

Helps maximize investment efficiency for a customer. Rather than focusing on "how many solar panels can be fit onto a roof", Energyperiscope helps specify and explain the best renewable energy investments for your customers.

Includes current utility rates and financial incentives from across the United States.


In its current format, EnergyPeriscope is not an engineering tool. It is designed for use by sales and marketing personnel. However, inputs from engineers may be provided for inclusion, if desired or necessary.



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This is Web-based software offered on a subscription basis. Single user and enterprise editions are available. Cost ranges from $20 - $50 per month. A free trial period is offered.