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Building Performance Compass analyzes commercial and multi-family building energy use patterns in a simple, easy-to-use Web-based interface. Using building details and energy data from the building’s utility bills, it is unique in its ability to benchmark and compare all buildings, whether residential or commercial.

Recent enhancements to Building Performance Compass include new multi-family support, the ability to track non-energy quantities such as water and waste, and features such as its fast-feedback report, which enables reporting energy savings as early as one month after work is completed. Building Performance Compass also provides extensive tracking of building data and usage, as well as the ability to upload and track program-specific documents at the building and tenant-unit level. Critical multi-family support includes sampling of tenant level meters and tracking apartment type details.

Building Performance Compass acts as a centralized hub for project information. Building managers, contractors, and weatherization agencies using Building Performance Compass are able to easily assess the effectiveness of retrofit efforts. Screen Shots


Commercial Buildings, Multi-family Residence, Benchmarking, Energy Tracking, Improvement Tracking, Weather Normalization



Expertise Required

No special training or expertise is required.


United States-based


Commercial and multi-family portfolio managers, contractors, and weatherization agencies


The user needs some basic building information, such as address, age and size of the building, number of occupants, and 12 months of billing data for the building. For multi-family buildings it is possible to maintain only a representative sample of tenant meter data and the system will scale appropriately to a whole-building level.


Building Performance Compass provides several reports designed to easily communicate how the building is using energy and where the biggest potential savings are. A building comparison view is designed for a portfolio manager to determine which buildings would be the best candidates for retrofit. The energy savings report calculates how much energy the building is actually saving starting one month after retrofit work is complete. It is also possible to compare the actual savings to the predicted savings from a building simulation model in order to assess the accuracy of the model.

Computer Platform


Programming Language

.Net , HTML, JavaScript


Building Performance Compass is designed to provide a quick, initial assessment of the energy performance of commercial and multi-family buildings. It streamlines communication between different parties interested in a home's energy performance.


Not a replacement for building simulation. Need to obtain utility bills from customer.



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Building Performance charges per-building. To set up an account, visit the Web site and click "Buy Building Credits"