ID-Spec Large

ID-Spec Large is software for the electrical installation design of industrial and tertiary buildings. It helps to design a green electrical installation by enabling the user to: - Assess the impact of selecting energy efficiency solutions like power factor correction and low losses transformers in terms of cost savings - Reduce power losses and consequently carbon emissions in the electrical installation by optimizing equipment locations - Reduce investment cost while using less raw materials by optimizing length and cross-section of cables - Assess the percentage of recyclable materials for cables and busbar trunking systems. Screen Shots


Electrical installation design, power losses assessment, CO2 emissions, quantity of conductors


ID-Spec large is calculated according to international standard IEC 364.

Expertise Required

Electrical installation design knowledge is required. A self-training module is included in the tool and a one-day training courses is also available.


ID-Spec Large was launched in June 2009. 400 users are expected by the end of 2009.


Electrical engineers and designers.


The user drags and drops, connects electrical loads and equipment directly on the building layout (dwg format). All components and calculation parameters are set with default values that can be changed manually. Powerful and multi-area environment with CAD view, single line diagram view, data table, and reports pre-vizualisation.


ID-Spec Large provides : - A report in DOC format with data tables and graphics, including : power consumptions of applications, power losses per equipment and cables, cost of power losses, CO2 emissions, quantity of copper and alumium in conductors, potential for recycling - The building layout with loads and equipment in dwg format show the best locations for equipment to reduce lengths and cross section areas of cables - The electrical single line diagram in dwg and jpeg format - The list of equipment and cables characteristics in xls format - The technical part of the specification for the tender in doc format.

Computer Platform

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and Vista

Programming Language



A one-of-a-kind tool to design an electrical installation taking into account energy performance and potential of recycling of the installation. It helps to reduce electricity bills and power losses by : - Optimizing lengths and cross section areas of cables - Using energy efficiency solutions - Providing data (cost of power losses, CO2 emissions) to justify the choices. Several scenarios can be carried out and compared in order to select the best one for the project.


ID-Spec Large doesn’t perform building thermal calculations.



Schneider Electric






Please contact your Schneider Electric delegate to obtain ID-Spec Large in your country.