United Resources Group Lighting Conservation

Comprehensive lighting software designed to analyze existing lighting systems and provide alternative systems that will offer energy-savings retrofit options with corresponding total wattage reduction, percent reduction, kilowatt hour savings, maintenance savings, net air conditioning savings, and a corresponding cost and dollar savings total with payback. Screen Shots


Quantify, Lighting Conservation, Cost and Savings


Regular updates of wattage table.

Expertise Required

Some familiarity with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and the codes used to describe existing equipment which is in place at a site.




Energy Efficiency Consultants, Energy Contractors, Architects, and Building Owner Associations.


Entered in an Alpha-Numeric Format:
Information Needed Client Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Contact Information, Contractor Contact, Contractor Contact Information, Kilowatt-Hour Rate, Maintenance Labor Rate, Rebate Amounts Available, Type of Lift Equipment Needed, Type of New Lamp to be used, Type of New Ballast to be used, Type of Motion Sensors to be used, Volume of Recycling anticipated, Seasonally Adjusted Hours of Operation by area, Old Fixture Types (by system code), Old fixture Quantities by facility area type and Profit Markup Percentages for equipment, ballasts, lamps and labor.

Input data entered via alpha-numeric drop down list:
Fixture upgrade options for each existing types of fixture in existing areas and Ballast to be used in those fixtures.

Default Information Used:
Equipment Cost by Type, Labor Cost by Type, Lamp Cost by Type, Ballast Cost by Type, Maintenance Cost Data by Old Equipment Type.


Executive summary and lighting report that provides project payback in years. Lighting Upgrade Report which includes - Retrofit item number, Room Description, Annual Old and New Operating Hours, Old Quantity, Existing Fixture Description, New Quantity, New Fixture Description, Ballast Type, Old Fixture Wattage, New Fixture Wattage, Wattage Saved by Item Number, Retrofit Kw and Kwh Savings, Sensor Kwh, and % Savings and Survey Comments. Executive Summary Report which includes Reduction in Electrical Load by Kw and %, Savings in Electrical Usage from Lighting Upgrade, Occupancy Sensors and reduced Air Conditioning Load, Energy Cost Savings Summary per existing energy rate and net of any heating cost penalty, Annual Deferred Material and Labor Cost Savings, Project Cost Summary Net of Existing Rebates, and Project Payback.

Computer Platform

Computers capable of running Microsoft Office Excel 1997-2003

Programming Language

Microsoft Excel


Provides large database of existing equipment, ease of information entry, latest new technology options and detail on all costs and savings associated with projects.


Requires system understanding to upgrade system with new technology entries.



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Base Cost - $500 available through contact information given above.