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BENCHMATA is an advanced system that can help utility companies, municipalities, local and state governments, and energy billing companies to automatically benchmark their customer's energy usage in ENERGY STARģ Portfolio Manager. It is the first commercially available system powerful enough to automate any organization's energy benchmarking needs. Software can put your organization on the fast track for bulk benchmarking of your customers in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. It helps in accomplishing ESPís goal to provide benchmarking of energy data on a bigger scale. It helps organizations create processes for automatic authentication of customers using custom id values. The system provided a powerful GUI to allow a user to create customer, building, meter, and space data and all related attributes in a straight forward manner. Even if an organization is small and you don't have automatic data feeds, you can still benefit from the BENCHMATA system. The system has a built-in table where you can enter your customers meter usage data and directly upload to ENERGY STAR and receive a rating in return. It provides the capability to read and store usage data from Excel (if provided), making it very easy. Now you can plot your customerís building reports and other data received from ENERGY STAR directly on GOOGLE MAPS, using built-in satellite imagery. The system provides advance benchmarking reports and search criteria. Now you can see how many customers have what scores and track their carbon greenhouse gas emissions. The system has its own database. This is the first ever advanced system to put ENERGY STAR Benchmarking within reach of many utilities ESP's / municipalities, state and local governments. The system works with modern RDBMS like Oracle but with few modifications. It can be configured with your legacy systems or can act alone as a standalone system. Screen Shots


Automated Benchmarking System Automation Portfolio Manager


The system has been tested via live Portfolio Manager ESP account for BENCHMATA in ENERGY STAR Automated Benchmarking System Console for utilities, where BENCHMATA is one of the utilities/ESP.

Expertise Required

Energy benchmarking managers with familiarity with Energy Star Portfolio Manager is required.


10 users currently, as this is a brand new software.


All utilities, municipalities, universities local, state governments. Whoever uses ENERGY STARís Portfolio Manager graphical user interface can use this to automate.


Energy usage data for the last 12 months and a source to get data for the automated system. System depends upon scheduled tasks and needs to be on when the data is being processed / scheduled at a certain time.


Automated energy usage data for Portfolio Manager meant for benchmarking

Computer Platform

Windows, UNIX

Programming Language

Powerbuilder version 11.5, Windows Batch files, Oracle 10g database, XML Parsing routines PBDOM, Google MAPS.


The system helps in creating systems for automated or two way transfers of energy data to ENERGY STAR servers and Portfolio Manager and is a unique software available commercially to put benchmarking within reach of many utilities and helps in monitoring greenhouse gas emission statistics.


Needs to be integrated with utilities' billing systems and thus requires intervention in the beginning.





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The Software has 3 levels, Level 1 is $25,000 per installation plus integration efforts. True cost of other levels can be derived after knowing the complexity of utilitiesí software systems.