E.A.S.Y. - Energy Accounting System for Your Buildings

E.A.S.Y. is an energy accountability system designed for municipalities, government entities, and commercial buildings. E.A.S.Y. uses electric, gas, and water data to prioritize individual facilities on documented performance-based energy consumption and total billing characteristics. The data cannot only be used for pinpointing where energy conservation efforts may be cost and emissions effective but also as a business forecasting and accounting tool for determining future cost projections based on past billing history, the consumer price index, or projected values for future rates. Different rate structure comparisons are also available. Information on multiple facilities can be 'ranked in energy, economic, and emissions terms in many different categories recognized by the business and energy professional. All data can be weather-corrected to remove the effects of any one particular weather year. Each building is re-calculated with an exact rate analysis revision. Actual weather data is collected from the nearest National Weather Service station to each building and fuel mix ratios for carbon foot-printing purposes are from the actual electric utility company. National and regional averages can be used for government entity reporting purposes.

E.A.S.Y. is currently used by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina. It has been in use since 1997and incorporates approximately 140 buildings. The program takes electronic data dumps' from the U.S. Weather Bureau, U.S. Consumer Price Index, local electric company, and local natural gas company on a monthly basis. The program is capable of retrieving and manipulating the data on an on-demand basis for any date range that has data input. The data is obtained (after initial input) electronically from the source (water utility, electric utility, gas or fossil fuel utility, and site-specific weather stations) in their available format. Data and weather correction is based on the actual billing cycle of the utility for each specific building and its location. E.A.S.Y. converts these ACESS-formatted databases into the input required for the program. The program calculates EUI’s &ECI’s as required for government reporting as well as many other variables. All data is exportable for use in customized reporting. E.A.S.Y. can help determine potential ENERGY STAR® buildings, and can be effectively used in retrieving much of the necessary data for monitoring and implementation application. All reporting can be achieved on 1) individual building basis, 2) user-defined groups of buildings with sub groups, or 3) a total system-wide basis. No special metering required.


Energy Accounting, OMV System, Building baseline development, Energy and Emissions Savings


Weather correction based on ASHRAE linear regression analysis. Weather correction process only corrects that load in the building that is weather responsive. All technical procedures are economic or engineering calculations. Internal calculations are of sound engineering practice and available for user review at any time.

Expertise Required

Emissions and Energy - familiarity with utilities/HVAC operations / electrical operations and energy conservation possibilities, building maintenance. Accounting - familiarity with utility bills , required reporting data, concepts such as avoided costs. Engineering Economics / Life-Cycle Costing – present worth, future worth, escalation rates, etc. (Necessary training provided as required by user.)


Currently 24. Information access can be limited by user authority for individual users or user groups.


Energy Managers, Financial Operations Manager, Building Maintenance Personnel, Building Managers and Owners


Initial set up – two years of utility data (minimum) and building characteristics. After initial set up – all electronic – user receives report each month.


Facility inventory; annual, exception, financial, electric, gas, emissions, and water/sewer reports

Computer Platform

Runs on any PC or main frame that has Excel

Programming Language

Excel and Visual Basic


Provides complete government-required data. OMV system with accurate energy/emissions savings reports, building baseline development, budget/forecasting of utility costs.


Requires full 24 months historical utility data for accurate comparison



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Cost varies depending upon size of municipality or organization. For quote contact Stephen F. Kelly, P.E.