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Frame Simulator makes calculation of the thermal transmittance in windows and building components an extremely easy process.

It can be used to:

  • analyze how heat flows through building components and fenestrations
  • estimate surface temperatures and predict condensation problems
  • discover weak points in window frames
  • calculate thermal transmittance Uf and linear conductance Lf2d of any type of window frame as well as  the Uw thermal transmittance of entire complex fenestration.

Precise simulation of the heat transfer is performed using a two-dimensional numerical method for steady state boundary conditions conforming to ISO 10077-2 (finite elements). Screen Shots


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Software is validated according to EN ISO 10077-2. Validation data and projects can be downloaded from the distributor’s Web site.

Expertise Required

No special expertise is required. Frame Simulator is user-friendly and helps in implementing EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 10077-2 because it automatically adopts all the parameters and the calculation criteria written in the norms.


Just released, already over 100 users.


Building products manufacturers and developers; fenestration manufacturers and designers; mechanical, energy, and architectural engineers; research and testing laboratories.


Drawings created with other software can be imported in dxf format. Need of retouching and adjusting lines is minimized thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that optimizes the imported files. Import process is therefore painless. New drawings can be created and modified within the program with the use of a built-in graphic editor with CAD functionalities. Library with fenestration and building materials.


Calculation results and colorful output diagrams are very effective for publishing in test reports, offers, and commercial documentation. Output is available in the form of data values and colorful diagrams:

Thermal Quantities

Frame Simulator allows calculations of thermal quantities as defined by European standards:
Uf Frame thermal transmittance in W/(m2K)
Ug Glazing thermal transmittance in W/(m2K) - with Frame Composer module
Uw Window thermal transmittance in W/(m2K)
Lf2d Linear thermal conduttance in W/(mK)
Heat flow rate density in W/m2
Dew point temperature in °C

Color Gradient Display

Temperature: data value and color gradient at any point in the section
Isotherm: number of lines can be freely set
Flow: heat flow rate value and color gradient at any point in the section
Flow Pattern: color gradient lines with heat flow direction
Edge: thermal resistance values of internal/external borders
Areas: thermal conductivity of the areas, according to the norm interpretation, in color pattern and value
Triangulation mesh: display of the triangulation mesh used for the calculation (black/white)
Condensation: dew-point, dew- isotherm and areas where condensation can occur on internal window surface

Computer Platform

Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista

Programming Language



Incredibly easy and fast to use: less than one hour to learn, only few minutes to import a dxf drawing and to perform a complete simulation. Automatic cavities identification. Fully compliant with EN ISO 10077 norms. Integrated in Windows environment.


3D simulation not available.





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Software is directly downloadable from the Web site (PayPal and Credit Card accepted). Video and live presentation and tutorials (online meeting and conferencing) available.