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Cepenergy Management Software for Buildings, is a tool for the analysis of the Energy Matrix (Electricity, Water, Fuel), and CO2 emissions in buildings.

  • Energy Problems, Saving and Optimizing.
  • Tool of Management for Energy leakage.
  • Culture and learning of Energy Management.
  • Manage the cooperation and contribution, at the Building level, to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases.

Measurement of energy efficiency is the most outstanding environmental benefit. Itís a new tool for multivariable analysis which combines simultaneously all kinds of energy together with the respective utility bills to get a model and a value for the energy efficiency. Screen Shots


Energy management, energy efficiency, energy evaluation, energy simulation, energy modeling, environmental performance, sustainable development, CO2 footprint.


Data can be validated in each running. Software predicts saving money to each energy used, so results can be confronted with the decrease of spending caused of a higher energy efficiency.

Expertise Required

Basic knowledge of Windows and Office, Energy, Process, Utilities, Facilities, Maintenance.


Include Universities Buildings, College Buildings and k12 School Buildings, Retail Buildings, Office Buildings, Multifamily Buildings, Lodgings, Health Care Buildings, Government Buildings, Army Buildings, Commercial, Industrial and Business Buildings.


Buildings Managers, Energy Program Managers, Buildings Designers, Facility Managers, Architects, Builders Engineers, Utilities and Energy Managers, Maintenance Buildings Managers.


In the worksheet, fill in all kind of energy data used in the building, number of people that inhabit the building, numbers of square feet of the building, utility bills. Previously the software is calibrated to the scale of use.


The software models the energy consumption obtaining the following results: energy efficiency of the building got as a number (%) to each month in analysis and over a year and for each kind of energy considered. Prospective savings, action plan and conclusions averaged to improve the energy efficiency, investments ($) to carry out a profitable plan of energy efficiency, as well as the efficiency of the CO2 emissions and the Kg CO2/people emitted.

Computer Platform

Windows XP, Vista, Office 2003. Personal computer with a 486 or higher microprocessor, 25 Megabytes or more of RAM, at least 100 Megabytes of available disk space.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


It is a tool that calculates a numeric value (%) of the energy efficiency. It allows the user to model and simulate different kinds of energy used in a building (electricity, water, fuel). Water is considered too. Users may know how much CO2 is emitted to the environment and the efficiency of these emissions as well. Filling in the money spent for each, itís possible to know the savings level. Output file is a spreadsheet full compatible on Windows. User can know where are the weak/strong points in the use of energy and how to manage them to increase its efficiency and save money. User just need to know its money spending and rates of monthly consumption of energy used in the building.


To get all the strengths of this software, users must to understand and know how to use the worksheet.



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Free trial demo for 30 days. Additional information also in the Web site. E-mail technical support. Printed documentation is available free at Free trial demo for 30 days. Additional information also in the Web site. E-mail technical support. Printed documentation is available free at www.energypuzzleout.com.