Home Energy Tune-uP

Home Energy Tune-uP's® audit software identifies cost-effective opportunities for energy efficient upgrades in the home. It analyzes data collected from the home, using approximately 1,000 calculations to produce energy-saving recommendations. The software generates a report itemizing recommended improvements and their costs, energy savings, and payback periods.

The software produces a second table of the recommended group of improvements that will pay for themselves when financed. Using a selected finance rate and term, the software identifies the combination of upgrades that will save more on the monthly energy bills than they cost in finance charges. When homeowner's see that a down payment is not required and that they can realize a net savings on their investment, they are likely to be persuaded to follow the report's recommendations. In addition to the two tables, a bar graph illustrates the ten highest energy-saving measures. A detailed breakdown of each recommended measure follows in a page-by-page format. The report also lists improvements the customer can make, as well as health and safety concerns to ensure that the homeowner is fully informed of issues beyond energy efficiency measures.

A second table produces a listing of measures that will pay for themselves if financed. Based on their inter-relationship and a whole house approach, these items’ cost can be financed at a selected finance rate and term. It is strongly hoped that presenting the financing option will encourage more home owners to follow through with the report’s recommendations. In addition to the two tables, a bar graph illustrates the highest energy-saving measures. A clear individual breakdown of the respective measures follows in a page-by-page format. The report also lists health and safety concerns to ensure that the home owner is fully informed of issues beyond energy efficiency measures. Screen Shots


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Total savings estimates for each report validated on the basis of billing data. Software tested with BESTEST.

Expertise Required

The software was initially developed for home inspectors who are trained as generalists with a whole house approach. The training therefore focuses on an energy perspective of structural areas and mechanical systems that they already understand. Training consists of a two- day session, including training on basic energy principles, building performance practices, and use of the proprietary software. Additionally, a field audit is conducted to demonstrate the physical aspects of data collection and the use of diagnostic instrumentation.


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The Home Tune-uP software generates an energy audit report for home owners or home buyers. The software is used by a trained and certified energy auditor to generate the report based on the conditions found in the home.


The auditor records approximately 100 pieces of data in each home to input into the system. This requires basic tools including a flashlight, compass, small ladder, infra-red thermometer, and a blower door to physically conduct the audit. The software provides essential climatic data such as Heating Degree Days, Cooling Degree Hours, insulation requirements, as well as regional fuel costs and contractor costs based on the zip code of the residence.


A 20+-page report with recommendations for investing in energy efficiency improvements. One table lists all improvements that have a payback of 30 years or less; the other lists only those improvements that will save more each month than they cost when financed. The report also provides detailed information for each recommendation.

Computer Platform

Window XP, Window Vista

Programming Language

dotNet, C++, SQL Database


Accuracy – Heat pump efficiency is modified according to heating degree days, and the humidity factor is incorporated when determining air-conditioning efficiency. Energy costs are based on actual rates paid by the customer, not average rates for the state or region. The software does not overstate energy savings by double-counting air infiltration, and the second table shows the reduction in savings due to the interaction when a number of improvements are made. Appliance-replacement savings are based on the efficiency or age of the existing appliance. Ease of use: An auditor can produce a report in 20 minutes after gathering the data. Customer Friendly: The report is easy to understand and provides a blueprint for implementation.


The software is not suited for new homes, which are already built to today's standards.



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Available throughout the United States. The software is provided to all inspectors/auditors upon completion of training. It is a Web-interactive system and can be loaded via the Internet on multiple computers.