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Self-training software that creates a “smart model” of a building using interval data and hourly weather data and compares daily energy consumption against this norm. The Energy Expert will tell you whether a facility over-consumed, under-consumed or used about the right amount of energy the prior day. Notification emails (or text messages) trigger immediate analysis and investigation to track down the cause of over-consumption. This results in faster response to fix problems and minimize energy cost variances. Screen Shots


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The modeling methodology used in Energy Expert is based on the concept of data bins adopted from the field of building energy data analysis. The model was validated by testing sponsored by the California Energy Commission.

Expertise Required

No special expertise or training is required.


Energy Expert was launched in late 2006 with hundreds of users across the US and Canada.


Building owners, facility managers, energy service providers, utility companies.


A user enters some configuration variables for their building at the initial setup of the application. Thereafter interval meter data is obtained via a wireless monitoring device and transmitted over the GPRS cellular network. Data communicated from the building site to the Energy Expert are calculated using the model and results are displayed in an intuitive graphical interface.


The results are displayed using both at-a-glance performance charts, as well as detailed data presentation including the ability to customize reports and create graphs for performance analysis of the data provided.

Computer Platform

Internet Explorer 6.5 or higher.

Programming Language


Energy Expert can help users obtain significant cost/energy savings when used in conjunction with an aggressive approach to implementing low and no cost energy savings measures.


Energy Expert is used for optimizing the energy performance of existing buildings. It is not used for building design or energy simulation.





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Cost starts as low as $100/month as a subscription service.