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Calculates: U-value, for constructions with and without thermal bridges; total heat loss for buildings; and energy demand for buildings. ISOVER Energi compares heat loss to the heat loss frame in the Danish Building Regulations. The energy demand is compared to the energy frame in the Danish Building Regulations.

Furthermore ISOVER Energi calculates the profitability of activities e.g. retrofit, renewing of windows, to improve the energy performance of existing buildings. The profitability is compared to the criteria in the Danish Building Regulations.

Access to databases with characteristics for common building materials and with linear heat losses for typical solutions for connections. The database facility is planned to be enlarged with databases for windows, boilers, heat pumps, and so on. It is possible for the users to add their own input to the databases. Screen Shots


energy performance, heat loss, U-value, profitability, Danish building regulations


All calculations are according to Danish Building Regulations. U-value- and heat loss-calculations are based one DS 418 (calculation of heat loss from buildings)Based on European Standards (EN and ISO) Energy demand calculations are based on the BE06 calculation core. Based on European Standards (EN and ISO) developed in CEN in relation to the EPBD buildings directive.

Expertise Required

General knowledge of building constructions and installations, and of building regulations are necessary.


150 users in Denmark


constructers and builders, consultant engineers and local building authorities


For energy demand calculations: Areas and U-values for the building envelope; areas, U-values; orientation, solar heat characteristics, and shading for glassing areas; heating and domestic hot water systems, ventilation systems, data for energy supply system e.g. boiler, district heating, electricity, heat pump, solar heating and solar power; and in some cases data for cooling systems and artificial light systems.


On screen: For energy demand calculation: Key results, detailed results and Model documentation. For other facilities: Key result.

Print: Necessary information for local building authorities e.g key results, model documentation, comparison of result with Danish Building Regulations.

Computer Platform


Programming Language



Produces all energy calculations and prints necessary to request building permission from Local Building Authorities. Flexible. User-friendly interface. Allows reuse of input data. Open databases.


No facility for certification of buildings. No calculation of U-value for glassing areas. No calculation of linear heat losses (3-dimensional calculations).



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Single user: 140 € for the programme. To receive updates, 70 € per year after 1 year. Reduced prices available for multiple users.