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OptoMizer is a turnkey lighting retrofit software solution for the commercial industry that provides the tools necessary to perform a full, accurate, and detailed lighting audit. It supports an unlimited number of projects and audits, full physical parts tracking and pricing, existing and design luminaire configurations, occupancy schedules, and detailed space data to support space-by-space audits.

Detailed rebate program tracking is included to allow for energy savings or per-component style rebate programs. OptoMizer incorporates all the lighting technology needed to create reports that range from detailed space-by-space energy savings analysis to full project parts lists and budget cost reports. OptoMizer uses industry standard Microsoft Access database software to ensure ease of customization and support. Screen Shots


Lighting audit retrofit software, Lighting retrofit rebate programs, Lighting design and analysis



Expertise Required

Basic computer data entry skills; lighting retrofit engineering background helpful for design and analysis portions.


Approximately 600 users, primarily in the United States.


Lighting retrofit contractors, electrical contractors performing lighting audits


Lighting component and/or fixture replacement designs to replace fixtures. OptoMizer comes preloaded with sample parts (lamps, ballasts, packaged fixtures, etc.), existing and design fixtures, and basic configuration data.


Most of the reports included in the system can be printed, previewed, or output to an Excel spreadsheet. Standard reports include:

  • Audit Space Luminaire List
  • Budget Costs Report with Component Rebates
  • Budget Costs Report with Energy Rebates
  • Budget Costs Report without Rebates
  • Carbon Footprint Summary Report
  • EEM Category Cost Summary Report
  • Efficiency Savings
  • Full Project Parts List
  • Rebate Listing of Qualifying Components
  • Space Energy Savings Report
  • Unit Retrofit Costs Budget Report

Computer Platform

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit), and higher PC workstations.

Programming Language

Microsoft Access 2007 or Access 2010


Incorporates in-depth features and lighting analysis technology to generate accurate, robust reports.† OptoMizerís report output can be used directly in customer proposal packages to show post-retrofit energy savings.

Rebate program tracking provides instant rebate incentive cost analysis and qualifying component reporting to aid in completing rebate forms.

Full e-mail and telephone product support, including a 1-hour online training session with purchase.


Does not include mechanical energy auditing functionality (HVAC, pumps, etc.).



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$499.00 per copy. Five-license installation per purchased copy. A full-featured evaluation download is available from our website. May be purchased via the website, or the customer may call for additional information. Personalized live demonstrations of the software are available on request. An online screen-shot tour of OptoMizer is also available on our website.