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Enables the rapid analysis of half-hourly energy consumption data in Excel. Energy Lens facilitates the creation of charts and figures from half-hourly data, making it easy to determine energy consumption patterns, to identify and quantify energy waste, and to track energy performance.

Energy Lens is commonly used by energy professionals for the analysis of their clients' half-hourly data, typically with the aim of helping them to save energy. Energy Lens is also popular as an energy management solution for businesses that want to cut their energy bills without investing a lot of time into the process. Screen Shots


energy management, half-hourly data analysis, business energy saving, monitoring and targeting



Expertise Required

None - Energy Lens has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. Help-files are included that explain in simple terms how to use the software to save energy.


300+ (September 2006). Energy Lens is rapidly gaining international popularity, although it is currently mainly being used in the US, Canada, and throughout Europe.


Energy professionals (mainly energy-efficiency consultants and tariff analysts), and businesses and other organizations with half-hourly metering.


Half-hourly energy data is a required input. Getting the half-hourly data into Energy Lens involves opening the data in Excel and using the Energy Lens user interface to automatically read it from the spreadsheet. Once half-hourly data is loaded into Energy Lens, the graphical user-interface offers a number of options for controlling the content and format of the graphs and figures that Energy Lens generates.


A range of user-selected charts and tables can be created on demand. These include energy profiles, month-on-month comparisons, plots of average consumption and more. All outputs are created directly in Excel, ready for further editing or copying and pasting into reports and presentations.

Computer Platform

Microsoft Windows 98 or later (Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, or 98), and Microsoft Excel 97 or later (Excel 2003, XP (2002), 2000, or 97).

Programming Language

Visual Basic and Excel.


Energy Lens is very easy to pick up and use productively, with a number of advanced data-analysis features for those that need them. As an energy management solution for businesses, Energy Lens helps in achieving significant energy savings with minimal time-input and energy-efficiency knowledge. As a data-analysis tool for energy professionals, Energy Lens is a huge time-saver, enabling sophisticated charts and calculations to be made in a fraction of the time it would take with a spreadsheet alone.


Energy Lens does not cater for businesses without half-hourly metering. This is because the maximum-results-for-minimum-effort energy management approach of Energy Lens requires the level of detail contained within half-hourly data.



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