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Collects, stores, and analyzes water cooled centrifugal and screw chiller operating data to determine performance, diagnose causes of inefficiency, and recommend corrective action. EffTrack notifies plant contacts via email if problems occur. Plant operators and facility managers can review the hourly updated information by logging in to EffTrack from any computer with Internet access. By following the EffTrack recommendations for improvement, plant operators can significantly lower the chiller kW/ton and plant kWh consumption. These savings are identified and measured in the EffTrack reports. Screen Shots


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EffTrack uses industry standard efficiency calculations along with a proprietary Calculated Part Load Value (CPLV) to determine where the chiller should be optimally performing at any operating condition. The CPLV is compared to actual performance to determine efficiency. EffTrack has been thoroughly field tested and proven accurate.

Expertise Required

High level of computer literacy not required. Engineering or chiller plant operations experience helpful for analysis of reports and terminology. EffTrack has online help, interactive training modules and on online user manual.


Over 1,000 users in the U.S. and several international users that use U.S. I-P units. An international version is coming in early 2007 that accommodates metric units.


Chiller plant operators and managers. Energy managers. Consulting engineers.


The chiller full load design specs have to be set up on EffTrack first. Required chiller operating data includes water temperatures, refrigerant pressures and water flows (GPM or delta P) for both the evaporator and condenser. Amps are also required. The method of data collection is automatic on an hourly basis from a building automation system/chiller panel through an EffTrack Data Acquition Board (and possibly other hardware), which sends the data to the EffTrack servers. EffTrack can also upload spreadsheets and accept manual data entry.


EffTrack generates comprehensive Daily Reports, Monthly Calendar Reports, Monthly Performance Reports and adjustable Regression Reports.

Computer Platform

Web-based access through a web browser.

Programming Language

Java J2EE


Gives chiller plants the ability to immediately analyze and improve operations, measure the cost savings and extend equipment life.


Does not currently support steam chillers, evaporative condensers, tower systems or air handling units. These tools are currently in the development cycle.



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