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Easy to use, fast and highly accurate professional sun positioning application with professionally presented printouts for members location results. SunPosition online uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to run calculations which are incredibly accurate, probably the most accurate available, meaning you can be sure to know exactly where to expect the sun, wherever and whenever you need to. Calculations can be made using either true or magnetic north, the application even calculates the magnetic declination for the selected location or location longitude and latitude co-ordinates if manually entered. Ideally suited to be used with Suunto high precision instruments. Screen Shots


sun position, solar angle design, solar azimuth, solar altitude, sun path


During testing many calculations were checked using Sunnto high precision cliometer and compasses.

Expertise Required



Many users in countries throughout the world.


surveyors, engineers, architects,�solar designers, photographers and directors of photography.


From the graphical user interface, a user selects a listed location, a date or date range and the application calculates the results. Members can also enter a location longitude and latitude and have access to over 47,100 pre-set locations.


For nonmembers, date or date range is calculated along with a graphical interface.

For members, calculations are at 15 minute intervals for azimuth, altitude and shadow factor and have the results including graphical interface professionally presented and formatted for printing to an A4 page. Nonmembers can preview printed results by selecting the location: Europe > Spain > MADRID

Computer Platform


Programming Language

PHP, MySQL, Javascript and C.


Ideal for people performing analyses of buildings or solar energy systems over time and who need to know solar altitude and azimuth angles for their analysis. Also very useful for architects needing to know the sun's position, altitude and azimuth angles for a certain date or date range or year.


An internet connection is needed.



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Nonmembers have free access to approximately 8,000 pre-set locations. Members have access to over 47,100 pre-set locations. Members can also calculate for their own coordinates, have access to printed results for their locations, can add locations to a location favourites menu and more. Membership starts at $18.