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Enables large companies to proactively monitor, analyze and manage energy costs and consumption. EEM Suite combines analysis and reporting tools; real-time, event-driven alerts; and Web-based enterprise visibility into a single solution so users can control their energy costs and usage. EEM Suite leverages meter, billing, production, real-time price, rate and weather information to drive significant energy and water reductions.

Users can control utility costs through timely identification of billing errors and overcharges, drive accountability through accurate cost allocation and tenant rebilling, monitor performance against budgets, predict energy requirements to assist in key operational activities planning, improve operational efficiency through continuous facility and equipment variance analysis and benchmarking processes, secure a better price from energy suppliers through analysis of new supply opportunities, short- and long-term forecasting, rate comparisons, and load aggregation. Screen Shots


energy management, energy accounting, benchmarking, energy use analysis, energy forecasting



Expertise Required

General knowledge of energy management concepts. Software training is recommended as part of system implementation.


Customers across several market segments; industrial, commercial, higher education federal, state and local government.


Markets: Large energy consumers (energy expenditures of $10 million and higher) across multiple market segments: industrial, commercial, higher education, federal, state and local government.

Positions: Corporate and facility energy managers, accounting managers and similar who are responsible for controlling their organization�s energy costs and consumption and/or responsible for timely and accurate processing of utility bills.


Utility bills, meter, sub meter, building management system (BMS), SCADA, production, real-time price, rate and weather and other energy activity information. Interval Data and bills can be captured electronically in real time via vendor neutral, open protocol data gateways or entered directly into the system.


Extensive library of energy specific report formats, accessible through a web browser, enables comprehensive analysis of all energy and energy related data. Proactive rules-based alerts and alarms can be delivered by email or pager to notify users immediately of operational anomalies. All reports can be scheduled to run and either viewed online, printed or exported to spreadsheet programs.

Computer Platform

Windows-based PCs

Programming Language

C++, Visual Basic


EEM Suite provides large energy consumers with a single, highly scalable, real time, enterprise-wide view of their organization�s energy and energy related data. With this information, customers have been able to drive significant energy savings. The vendor neutral data collection approach enables users to leverage their existing investments in data collection assets and infrastructure.


EEM Suite is an energy management system and is not designed to support other facility bills requirements (for example, it does not support managing telecommunication bills). Additionally, EEM Suite focuses on analysis of energy data and is not a building management or plant process control system.



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Price is dependent upon solution scope. Please contact Itron for additional product and pricing information.