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flixo produces thermal-hygro analyses of the component and facade cross sections,and it also calculates frame U-values, Psi-values etc. flixo can detect thermal bridges in the planning stage that then can be eliminated through design changes. Consequently, building failures can be prevented and heating energy can also be saved. A further use of flixo is relevant to hygro-analysis, with which, for example, temperature minima on the internal surfaces of a cross-section can be determined in order to avoid the formation of condensed water or mildew. flixo analyzes two-dimensional component nodes based on free forms for steady state boundary conditions using the finite element method. Screen Shots


2D heat transfer, cold bridge, fenestration, frame U-value, thermal bridge


The software is validated and conforms to both two-dimensional cases of ISO 10211:2007, Annex A. The test cases are available on http://www.flixo.com. The software is validated conform the ten cases of ISO 10077:2003, Annex D. The test cases are available on http://www.flixo.com.

Expertise Required

A basic understanding of heat transfer and material properties is helpful.


More than 1000 users in various countries.


Building product developers, designers, researchers and engineers.


Built-in graphic editor with CAD functionality for defining the geometry, materials and boundary conditions. CAD-data import using DXF and SVG-formats. Component databases and more than 1000 material entries from different standards. Several wizards for defining air cavities according to EN ISO 10077-2, boundary conditions according to EN ISO 10077-2, glazings, screws according to EN 13947 etc.


Predefined and fully configurable reports using document templates speeds up the analysis process. Various results like: isotherms and temperature color images of any building detail for qualitative thermal assessment and optimization, temperatures at freely determined design points, heat flux density at freely determined design points, minimum and maximum surface temperatures at freely determined design boundaries and critical room humidity for the assessment of possible mildew formation and condensation problems, heat flow at freely determined boundary lines, thermal transmission coefficients for quantifying thermal bridging effects 'U-value' and the length-related 'psi-value', frame U-value according to EN ISO 10077-2, Psi edge values according to 10077-2, Psi joint values according to EN 13947, U joint value according to EN 13947

Computer Platform

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Programming Language



Easy to use with a lot of wizards, integration into the Windows environment using the known conventions, reporting function with integrated desktop publishing functionality, interoperability with other Windows application, finite element method with automatic mesh refinement.


Limited to 2D heat transfer analysis.



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More information is available at the flixo web site. A demo version can be downloaded. Price available on request.