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Seamlessly links architectural building information models (BIM) and certain 3-D CAD building designs with energy, water, and carbon analysis. Autodesk Green Building Studio enables architects to quickly calculate the operational and energy implications of early design decisions. The Autodesk Green Building Studio web service automatically generates geometrically accurate, detailed input files for major energy simulation programs. Green Building Studio uses the DOE-2.2 simulation engine to calculate energy performance and also creates geometrically accurate input files for EnergyPlus. Key to the integrated interoperability exhibited is the gbXML schema, an open XML schema of the International Alliance of Interoperability's aecXML Group. By using gbXML-enabled applications, Green Building Studio web service users are able to eliminate redundant data entry and dramatically reduce the time and expense traditionally associated with whole-building energy simulation analyses. Screen Shots


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Expertise Required

3D-CAD/BIM only (users need no special training in energy analysis)


Users of gbXML-enabled 3D-CAD/BIM software applications


Practicing architects, designers, engineers, construction managers, etc. Power-user energy simulation consultants and researchers also use the web service to eliminate manual plan "take-offs" and to build geometrically accurate models.


Automatically reads all building geometry data produced by a gbXML-enabled BIM or 3D-CAD program required to perform a thermal simulation analysis. (All other proprietary design data remains secure within the CAD application.) Minimum manual inputs required from end users are 'building type' and 'zip code'. Users may specify additional input parameters to the extent they have been enabled in the BIM/CAD program's GUI. All other simulation variables supplied by the Autodesk Green Building Studio web service may be viewed and edited in other DOE-2.2 or gbXML compatible applications.


Outputs for each design scenario modeled include:

  • Estimated Energy & Cost Summary (annual, lifecycle)
  • Annual carbon footprint specific to region and utility mix
  • Renewable energy potential (photovoltaic and wind)
  • Weather data summary and user defined graphics
  • Building and site specific natural ventilation potential
  • US EPA EnergyStar comparison
  • Water and daylighting preliminary analysis for LEED
  • Energy End-Use Charts
  • Building Summary of construction areas, equipment capacities, etc.
  • gbXML file for import to Trane TRACE 700 or other gbXML-compliant tools
  • DOE-2.2 file for import to eQUEST
  • EnergyPlus IDF file for editing and running in EnergyPlus
  • VRML file

Computer Platform

Requires a modern web-browser and one of the following 3D-CAD/BIM applications:

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture or MEP (Windows)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture or MEP
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD (Mac and Windows)
  • Bentley Architectural or HVAC (2008)

Programming Language

C#, C++, Visual Basic, XML, XSLT


Autodesk Green Building Studio reduces time and cost of building design and lifecycle management processes. Major benefits include:

  • Enables hourly whole building energy, carbon and water analyses much earlier in the design process
  • Reduces design and analysis costs, allowing more design options to be explored within budget.
  • Compression of early design time, speeding project time to completion.
  • Accelerates analysis for LEED compliance.


Resulting DOE-2.2 and EnergyPlus models can be very detailed.





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Green Building Studio is a subscription-base web service. To purchase a subscription or register for a free trial, visit the web site.