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Comprehensive lighting analysis software engineered for demanding interior and exterior applications. Visual lighting design software integrates an advanced 3-D modeling environment with an intuitive interface�providing a unique and powerful extension of the design process. Professional presentation capabilities enable you to quickly develop, analyze, and modify advanced lighting designs. Visual performs direct and interreflected component calculations and provides the ability to quickly compose professional presentations. Screen Shots


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The algorithms used by Visual lighting design software to calculate illuminance levels in diffuse architectural models follow commonly accepted techniques in the illumination engineering field, and are based on luminous radiative transfer theory, which has been proven to be a special case of finite element analysis.

Expertise Required

The Basic Edition and Roadway Lighting Tool use a guided step-by-step format and require only application-specific lighting knowledge. The Professional Edition incorporates a 3-D graphical interface for the construction and analysis of complex lighting models. Prior CAD experience and lighting design knowledge is beneficial.


More than 5000.


Architects, electrical and civil engineers, lighting designers, design-build contractors, electrical contractors and designers, retrofit companies, and lighting equipment sales representatives.


Define lighting model parameters and calculable areas using graphical and keyboard data entry techniques. Use imported photometry files (IES, EULUMDAT, or CIBSE TM-14) files to configure and place luminaires.


Architectural designs with quantified results depicting directional illuminance, luminance, or exitance values. Designs can be printed or exported in DWG/DXF formats. The Roadway Lighting Tool reports roadway luminance, veiling luminance and STV lighting metrics.

Computer Platform

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Programming Language

Visual Basic


Intuitive graphical interface and the ability to model complex architecture provide one of the easiest and most versatile lighting design software packages to use.


Does not perform daylighting calculations or rendering.



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Basic Edition is free. Professional Edition is $100 per single user license. The Roadway Lighting Tool is $50 per single user license. Software is available for download on the Visual website, or installed via CD/ROM, which is available for order on the Visual website.