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Internet-enabled software that empowers business energy customers to manage energy and reduce costs. Valuable to facility managers, energy managers and energy service companies, the Prophet web-based service delivers real-time and near-real-time energy information on energy consumption and demand for any size facility. A number of facilities can be managed using consumption data gathered in 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, daily, weekly and monthly intervals. Users can immediately view and analyze data with an eye toward load shedding, cost avoidance strategies, energy budget management, utility cost validation and energy forecasting. All tools are contained within the Prophet Web application and enabled via the internet using a standard web browser. Users can quickly switch between graphical and tabular formats. Screen Shots


energy analysis, load profiling, cost comparison, energy budgeting, rate analysis, data collection, real-time monitoring, load shedding



Expertise Required

Basic knowledge of energy consumption terms and measurements. No special knowledge needed to operate the Prophet software other than being able to use a web browser. On-line support and training is included by AEI in the service.


Over 100 company energy managers monitoring in excess of 4,000 meters.


Industrial, school and commercial facility managers, energy services companies, and energy managers.


Whole building metering or sub-metered loads that provide energy consumption as a function of time. Weather data, production data, equipment operations data and energy budget information. Rate information, including cost per kWh, kW demand charges, time of use periods, ratchet clauses, kVA charges and all associated periods and schedules.


The Prophet generates charts, tabular data, real-time cost estimates, 5 day forward energy use projections, multiple rate structure cost comparisons, alarms and notifications, and energy consumption comparisons. Also supports direct interface of data to common PC spreadsheet and database programs.

Computer Platform

PCs running Windows 98/NT/2000/XP with internet connection

Programming Language



Provides efficient organization of large quantities of energy information from multiple facilities into enterprise view with intuitive easy to use energy analysis package. Provides interactive load analysis, cost analysis and rate comparisons with active alarms to alert users of potential energy problems. Does not require large investment in computer infrastructure, able to utilize data from current utility meters.


Prophet is an application service type of tool and therefore cannot be installed on as part of the customers IT infrastructure. AEI considers this a plus as it drastically cuts the cost of deployment and maintenance for users. There are no licensing fees or annual upgrades to corporate systems required.



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The Prophet is offered for one to many meters at a monthly subscription rate per meter. Rates very depending on quantity of meters and frequency of data required. No software license or support fees required. Contact Sean Hill , Cliff Pelchat, or Mark Vajdos for more information.