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Software that assists in analyzing the thermal and hydraulic performance of modern hydronic heating systems in residential and light commercial buildings. The Hydronics Design Studio - Professional Version software consists of twelve modules that perform tasks such as heating load analysis, series baseboard circuit analysis, piping heat loss estimating, expansion tank sizing, radiant circuit analysis, injection mixing simulation, buffer tank simulation, and fuel cost comparisons. Several modules access extensive internal databases of current hydronic components such as, piping, circulators, baseboard, fluids, and valves. Sophisticated engineering algorithms are exercised through a simple graphical user interface.


hydronic heating, radiant heating, simulation, design, piping


The software models are based on published design data and methodology from the textbook Modern Hydronic Heating - 2nd Edition by John Siegenthaler.

Expertise Required

The software requires no special training beyond a general familiarity with the concepts used in modern hydronic heating.


Software released in July of 2003, with more than 200 users in 2003.


The target audience includes contractors, wholesalers, and engineers who design and/or install modern hydronic heating systems in residential and light commercial buildings.


Each module requires different inputs consisting primarily of numerical data such as heating loads, flow rates, and temperatures. The software has several built-in databases for selecting industry standard components such as circulators, tubing, fin-tube baseboard, radiant floor circuits, and fluids.


Each module displays output information in a consistent color-identified screen area. The majority of the output information is numerical data for flow rates, temperatures, rates of heat transfer, tank and pipe sizes. The software also displays several warning messages when it detects design situations that are potentially problematic and impossible.

Computer Platform

PC with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP; minimum 12 MB hard drive space; and minimum memory of 256 MB. CD-ROM drive is required for installation. Adobe Acrobat reader 3.0 or higher is required to view user manual and release notes.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


The Hydronics Design Studio software is specifically written as a productivity tool for those designing modern hydronic heating systems. It uses sophisticated engineering algorithms for maximum flexibility and accuracy, yet "hides" the underlying procedure behind a simple-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface. Many of the underlying algorithms are not available in other general-purpose HVAC design programs.


The software does not lead a user through all steps of a design procedure. Rather, it provides rapid feedback to "what if" questions posed by the user in the form of system simulation.



Appropriate Designs


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The current version of the software (V1.10) sells for $285 + UPS shipping. It is available through the E-store on www.hydronicpros.com. The software is also sold in combination with other publications at the E-store. A free downloadable demo is available through the web site, as are PDF files of the user manual, and product literature.