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Free, on-line tool to help engineers write bid specifications for HVAC Control projects. CtrlSpecBuilder (Control Specification Builder) prepares open (non-proprietary and not sole-source) specifications based upon ASHRAE Guideline 13-2000, Specifying Direct Digital Control Systems. User options make it simple to include new technologies such as BACnet and Web-based controls in the specifications, and to specify energy saving options such as demand limiting, optimal start, and setpoint optimization.

The completed specification includes overall project, hardware, and software requirements as well as a sequence of operations and a points list for every unique type of equipment included in the project. The specification is prepared in word processor format and can be downloaded to the user�s computer. Screen Shots


HVAC controls, specifications, CSI Section 15900 HVAC Instrumentation and Controls



Expertise Required

No special expertise is required to use the site; however, knowledge of HVAC controls and of construction specifications is needed to make meaningful choices.


Unknown. Users are not required to register and may use the site anonymously. More than 250 accessed the site the first two days after it launched.


engineers who write HVAC control specifications


he user should have knowledge of the HVAC equipment that is being specified for the project. Typically this information is available on the project drawings, and in the mechanical equipment section of the specification. The user enters data to the site through checkboxes and droplists, with a few text entry fields for unique information such as the project name and project number.


The output is provided as a Microsoft Word document, compatible with MS Word 2000 or later. An on-screen preview is also available, with a hyperlinked table of contents.

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The program prepares HVAC control specifications, including a sequence of operations and a points list for every unique piece of equipment in a project. Options make it easy to specify BACnet, Web-based controls, optimal start, setpoint optimization, and other energy-saving features.


The program is most efficient when used to specify simple, straightforward, low cost control algorithms. It can be used to specify custom control algorithms, but this requires more time to type in the custom sequences and puts the burden on the user to ensure the sequence is complete, correct, and consistent with the user-defined points list.



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The program may be accessed free of charge through the web site. It is currently in beta testing, with new features being added regularly, and is projected to be feature complete on 1 September 2003.