GaBi 4

Software System for Life Cycle Engineering developed by the Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Science at the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with PE Europe GmbH. The GaBi 4 software is one of the leading experts systems for balancing complex and data-intensive process networks. Parallel analysis of environmental problems in product life cycles according to DIN ISO 14040 ff. and the optimization of production sequences from an economic point of view is ensured thanks to the thoroughly developed functionality of the GaBi 4 software package.� GaBi 4 Professional includes approx. 650 sets of data (cradle to gate), generated by IKP/PE. This data is based on information from patent/specialist literature and industry. These data sets include the decisive areas of the pre-chains to metals (steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals), organic and non-organic pre-products, synthetics, mineral materials, provision of energy (steam, thermal energy, electricity mixes and power stations), end of life and disposal and processing with.

GaBi 4 enables consideration of different cost factors connected to the processes or the lifecycle of products. Users are supported by advanced wizards when keying in various cost types. GaBi 4 then automatically computes costs related to individual processes, material or energy flows from the user�s details. The quality of work environment can be computed and evaluated along the value chains by newly developed features.


environment, life cycle assessment, LCA, ecoprofiles, system analysis, design, research



Expertise Required

High level of computer literacy not required, an engineering background is helpful for complex system modelling and analysis.


Over 300 in many companies and scientific institutes.


Mechanical, energy, and architectural engineers, consulting firms, federal agencies, research universities, research laboratories.





Computer Platform

PC-compatible, Pentium II or higher, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Programming Language



The comprehensive databases of the GaBi Software System have been prepared by IKP and PE. Due to the continuing co-operation in industry-based and in scientific projects, the continuous expansion and updating of the data is guaranteed. In contrast to conventional LCA software tools, GaBi 3 offers the opportunity to carry out a consistent and detailed cost evaluation of the assessed system (Life Cycle Costing; LCC). The implemented, so-called costs assistants allow for an exact modelling of material/energy costs, personnel costs and machine costs. The quality of this tool is ensured through 7 years experience in combined LCA/LCC projects. The multi-faceted functionality (Features) of the GaBi 4 software tool makes it possible to do a simple and quick modelling and analysis of complex and data-intensive problems. A user-friendly graphic interface ensures that GaBi 4 can be used intuitively and that it does not take long to learn how to use it. All three dimensions of sustainability including environmental, economic, and social aspects are important to investigate. Methodologies like "life cycle manpower" are now included in the software.





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The software system has comprehensive functionality with online help, web based update service and user's guide as well as completely by interactive HTML files documented databases for the various versions. The contents of these standard databases can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Download Area of the GaBi software server. � In the latest and most efficient release of the GaBi software system, the following versions are available for the user:
  • GaBi 4 professional
  • GaBi 4 lean
  • GaBi 4 academy
  • GaBi 4 educational
  • GaBi 4 student
  • GaBi 4 demo
� At the moment, software and databases are available in German, English and Japanese. The price of the software including a database varies between $3800(lean) and $9300 (professional), the extension databases between $700 and $4600. Please contact the sales representative of your area for further information about your matching version.