Energy Estimation Software with Carbon Footprint Calculation

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Energy Estimation Software for Fan and Pumping Applications estimates energy savings achieved when using a variable frequency drive instead of conventional control methods for fan and pumping applications. The results can be viewed in graphical format and text format and the software has built-in functions to generate an energy estimation report especially designed for consultants.

The energy estimator software is available in two editions:

Single System Edition

This edition allows users to estimate energy savings for a single fan or pump system and generate a multi-page report based on the estimated savings.

Project Edition

This edition allows users to estimate energy savings of a single fan or pump system or a project containing multiple fan and pump systems of equal or different sizes. The software generates multi-page project report including a summary page based on the estimated savings of the total project.

Energy Estimator includes the following features:

  • Estimate energy savings for applications up to 5000 HP / kW
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation (CO2 Exhaust)
  • Currency selection ($, Euro, Pound, Custom)
  • Metric / English Units Selection
  • 5 easy steps to complete your estimation
  • Customizable report with your company logo
  • Utility incentive / rebate function
  • Customizable efficiencies for all comparison systems
  • Customizable Duty Cycle
  • 3D Bar Charts for Required Power, Annual Energy Usage
  • 5 Year Payback Chart
  • Installation Cost Option
  • Operation Time selection in Hours, Days and Weeks per Year
  • Outlet Damper, Inlet Vane, and Throttling Valve Comparison
  • Built-in Useful Formulas in Metric and English Units
  • E-mail final report directly from program

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Variable frequency drive, energy savings, fans, pumps, carbon footprint


Based on constant efficiency of VFD versus conventional flow control systems for fan and pump applications. User enters application data.

Expertise Required

None necessary, easy step by step process provided.


5000+, 70% US, 30% international


Consulting Engineers, System Integrators, HVAC-R Industry Experts


Utility information and application data (motor power, efficiency, flow)


Customizable Energy Estimation Report with the following 3D charts:

  • Duty Cycle Chart
  • Payback Chart
  • Power Required Chart
  • Annual Energy Usage Chart
  • Energy Savings Chart
  • Annual CO2 Emissions Chart

Computer Platform

PC with Windows XP and up.

Programming Language



Generates energy estimation report in a few minutes. Estimates energy savings and CO2 emissions savings when using a variable frequency drive on a fan or pump application.





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A demo version of the software is available from the web site and can be purchased starting at $39.95