Energy Profile Tool

A customizable, commercially available energy analysis tool. Users enter information about their facilities to receive detailed profiles of the energy use, as well as benchmark comparison results. The tool helps identify opportunities to reduce energy and costs, and take the next steps to long-term savings.


benchmarking, energy efficiency screening, end-use energy analysis, building performance analysis, utility programs


The analysis approach for determining end-use energy requirements closely agrees with actual DOE-2 simulations, as has been confirmed and documented in internal and professional papers. Background models and benchmark data reference hundreds of calibrated site models and detailed load research data. System provides for calibration against billing data, ensuring that modelled energy use correlates with actual billing data.

Expertise Required

No expertise needed, but the more knowledgeable the users are about their building characteristics and concepts, the better the results.


Various web sites have been accessed thousands of times by users in the U.S. and Canada.


Building facility managers and owners, utilities, engineers, designers, policy analysts.


User supplies information about building type, weather region, floor area and general HVAC system. Existing buildings should also provide billing data for benchmarking to be most relevant. However, specifying general shell, HVAC, lighting and equipment, and DHW information provide for a more accurate analysis. All entries provide for defaults which are estimated to be the most typical or average for the building characteristic. Data entry is accommodated on two levels: 1) Basic - provides automated controls (e.g., pulldown lists, radio buttons) and limits data entry to the most relavent and important building characteristics, 2) Advanced - supplements the Basic level by allowing for additional entries and discrete entry for all inputs.


Typically, users receive energy benchmark and end-use breakdown information about their facility in the form of graphs and tables. They receive low-cost/no-cost energy saving tips, and a list of energy efficiency measures show good potential of save energy in their facility. The tool also generates a PDF report that shows results and action plan in printable format. The system may be customized to provide further information, such as comparisons between facilities and more detailed energy analysis results.

Computer Platform


Programming Language



Provides a quick, initial estimate on building energy performance and benchmarking, including relative greenhouse gas emission levels. The tool helps identify opportunities to reduce energy and costs, which is intended to act as early decision-making tool to empower the user to take the next steps to securing energy savings.


Intended for entry-level analysis and is not detailed enough to assess very specific energy management scenarios. Therefore, it cannot replace having a professional personally assess specific opportunities for a given facility.



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