Designed to be an educational tool customized for new home builders to include in their "selections" process to provide buyers with an opportunity to have higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment and related accessories installed in their new home. allows the new homebuyer to learn about their standard heating and cooling system that is being installed in their new home as well as two upgraded high efficiency systems. compares the benefits, features, operating cost, and upgrade price with mortgage impact of the systems with the opportunity for buyer to select one of the alternate systems as well as the offered accessories. Screen Shots


HVAC updates, HVAC equipment selection, energy savings, up-sell


Software architectural integrity underwent extensive testing by developer, then stress tested by independent company before undergoing one year test period in state of Virginia. Benefits and features presented on software about various pieces of equipment are taken from manufacturer's published materials. Operating costs displayed on software have been compared and are consistent with other operating cost programs. Program also strongly states that the operating costs are for comparison purposes and individual usages will vary.

Expertise Required

General e-mail skills required by builder's representative to receive homebuyer's selections via email.


More than 300 in the US.


HVAC professionals, new homebuilders, and ultimately homebuyers.


HVAC contractor, with input of homebuilder, creates house model packages that include: standard equipment being used, a "better" and "best" equipment package as well as HVAC related accessories to be provided to Environment Solutions. Builder then provides Environment Solutions with prices of the components of the packages to be uploaded to the software. Software is set up by Environment Solutions. Neither builder nor HVAC contractor has to create any web pages.

Output produces two forms of output. The first is the selection email that is generated by the software, based on the homebuyers indicated choices. This email is sent to a builder designated representative, the homebuyer, and an E.S. System Manager. It comes as an easy to read itemized email that gives all important information for builder and contractor to process the upgrade. The software also keeps upgrade details that are organized in report form for the builder, HVAC contractor, and manufacturer at their request.

Computer Platform


Programming Language



Allows homebuilders and HVAC contractors to make additional profit while offering buyer products they otherwise would not have had the chance to choose. Online self-educating website eliminates additional staffing, scheduling.


Subject to internet limitations; very little human contact besides two courtesy calls made by Environment Solutions, and buyers without the internet are left with a phone "sales call" to make their selections.



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Builder incurs $800 one time set-up fee to upload logos and various house models that is billed after 1st upgrade is selected. Builders interested in software can contact Environment Solutions for set-up and logistics details. Set-up typically takes a few weeks but varies by size of builder. Only requirement to use software is builder must have email account for the selections to be sent to.