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An easy to use IBM PC version of DOE-2. EZDOE calculates the hourly energy use of a building and its life-cycle cost of operation given information on the building's location, construction, operation, and heating and air conditioning system. Using hourly weather data and algorithms developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, EZDOE takes into account complex thermal storage effects of various building materials. In addition, it can also accurately simulate the operation of all types of heating and cooling plants including ice water thermal storage and cogeneration systems. Up to 22 different air handling systems each with multiple control options are supported. The types of heating and cooling plants allowed is nearly infinite as thousands of combinations of chillers, boilers, furnaces, pumps, and cooling towers are allowed. There is even provision for user defined plants and performance curves. The economic analysis capabilities of EZDOE allow for complex utility rate structures, fuel costs, initial equipment costs, replacement costs, and annual costs for non-plant items and baseline data for comparative runs. A large library of over 230 hourly weather data files is available for EZDOE. One weather data file of your choice is supplied with EZDOE while others are available at additional cost.


energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings



Expertise Required

Basic familiarity with building geometry and HVAC systems is desirable but not absolutely necessary.




Architects and engineers involved in new and retrofit building projects, researchers, equipment and utility marketers.


Features full screen editing with simple


Offers all of the standard reports as the workstation version of DOE-2. These reports can be viewed on the screen, stored in a disk file, or printed.

Computer Platform

Requires an 80486 or higher IBM PC compatible.

Programming Language



Implements DOE-2 in an easy-to-use full screen editing environment with dynamic error checking. All input data is checked at the time of entry so that no improper data can be entered. If you have a question about what the program is requesting, you can press the "?" or F10 key to obtain additional help explanations. All data is saved to disk as it is entered. Four major types of data are requested: Loads, Systems, Plants, and Economics. Load data contains the building and space dimensions, wall and glass orientations, construction materials, people, lighting, equipment, and much more. The Systems data involves all information concerning air handling and heat delivery systems. VAV, constant volume, PTAC, dual duct, two/four pipe fan coils, and radiators are just a small sampling of the many system types supported by EZDOE. The Plant data concerns the cooling and heating equipment such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers and pumps. The Economic section considers initial, annual, cyclical, replacement, and operating costs.


Limited to capabilities within the DOE-2 program.




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Demonstration copy available for download from the web site, or order a copy, with complete documentation. Demonstration copies retain all the functionality of the full programs, they are just limited on the size of the project data that can be entered.