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Comprehensive residential energy audit software package. The EnergyAide software can evaluate a broad range of energy saving opportunities in the home, including:

  • Insulation
  • Heating system improvements
  • Window and door weather-stripping and replacement
  • Domestic hot water savings
  • Efficient Lighting
  • Other energy saving recommendations
EnergyAide is designed to serve homeowners or residential utility customers. It produces a written report that explains energy savings opportunities in plain language, for non-professional to easily understand, with graphics. The report and the software can be customized to meet the needs of conservation programs, utility sponsors and users.

Energy savings and costs for recommendations can be interactively viewed and modified on-screen, in the presence of the customer, during the operation of the software. The report can also be interactively viewed on-screen during the operation of the software.

Each energy audit modeled is automatically saved in a file for later retrieval, review, and modification. An extract of information relevant to each measure recommended is also automatically saved in comma-delimited format, for transfer to a database. Screen Shots


Energy audits, home energy analysis, retrofit


Massachusetts-certified energy auditors have performed testing and validation during development, and in the field.

Expertise Required

A basic knowledge of residential energy conservation is recommended. The GUI makes data inputs relatively simple and obvious.


EnergyAide is currently used by Energy New England in the New England marketplace.


Residential energy conservation service providers, energy service companies, utility DSM programs, energy audit programs, weatherization service providers, educational organizations


Interactive inputs are made in a user-friendly Windows GUI. This includes square footage of envelope measures, heating system characteristics, temperature settings and basic information specific only to energy savings measures recommended. System files supply information on cost and savings assumptions, climatic data, canned comments and customized text for the report. Input files also include graphic icons as needed, and audit numbering and tracking protocol.


A customer-friendly formatted, printed report. Full energy audit model saved electronically. Home simulation extract of information saved electronically. Interactive review of software outputs on-screen.

Computer Platform

Windows 95 or later with 22 MB of free disk space. Requires the Java runtime (distributed with the software).

Programming Language



Fast and easy to use. Handles all major fossil fuels. Customer-friendly. Comprehensive set of energy savings measures analyzed.


Does not perform a full simulation or calculate building full building loads. Is therefore not a tool for new construction, or home energy rating. analysis



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