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Lighting design software, structured to recommend lighting designs that optimize the electricity bills while ensuring appropriate illumination levels in the facility as per ISI standards. The software is built around a user-friendly interface and requires elementary inputs such as room dimensions and usage parameters. The software can then recommend the most appropriate lighting equipment for the facility as well as the optimum number of fittings required. For existing facilities, Eco Lumen recommends the most appropriate upgrade options, for replacing the existing lighting products with more energy efficient ones. Eco Lumen also offers the option of re-using any applicable fittings for the room being designed, thus reducing the renovation cost for the facility. Screen Shots


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Eco Lumen has been validated against results from some of the leading lighting design software.

Expertise Required

No training is required for using Eco Lumen. The accompanying Help & User Manual provide any run-time assistance that may be needed by the user.


More than 3000 users are estimated to be using the software internationally.


Targeted at Facility Managers for any organisation, useful for architects, lighting designers and energy auditors.


The user needs to provide elementary information such as room dimensions and color, and usage pattern (purpose for which room is used, amount of time for which room is used, applicable energy tariff etc). Eco Lumen provides data such ISI standard recommended Illumination levels based on the purpose for which the room is used. Eco Lumen also allows users to select the desired lighting products for the facility from the database available with the software.


Eco Lumen provides customizable reports, allowing the user to select any or all of the input parameters as well as the lighting design details, energy consumption details and financial implications (such as pay back analysis and life cycle costing) as the report parameters. Eco Lumen also provides comparison reports in case of renovation or upgrade designs. Further, pre-formatted print reports are also available to the user.

Computer Platform

Eco Lumen runs on any Windows 9x or higher platform

Programming Language

Visual Basic 6.0, with MS Access as the database


Eco Lumen can reduce the lighting electricity bills for any facility by as much as 30%. Eco Lumen is therefore of great benefit to any facility designers looking to reduce their electricity bills. The simplicity with which the lighting designs can be scientifically created by Eco Lumen also makes the software ideal for architects, interior designers and lighting designers looking to save time and effort spent on lighting designs. Further, Energy Auditors and Energy Consultants find the software extremely useful for auditing existing facilities for lighting related energy efficiencies.


The current version of Eco Lumen is not designed for outdoor lighting and day light calculations.



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The list price of Eco Lumen is INR 12,500/-. A trial edition of the software can be downloaded from the website. The software can then be registered by sending payment through Demand Draft / Cheque in the name of Tata Infotech Limited, payable at Mumbai, India.