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Models any type of commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential facility and determines the energy and cost impact of virtually any type of energy conservation measure or utility rate schedule. MarketManager calculates the operating costs of any piece of equipment in the facility and determines the cost-effectiveness of improving the building envelope, HVAC controls, motors, lighting systems, heating and cooling equipment. Screen Shots


building energy modeling, design, retrofit



Expertise Required

MarketManager is best used by energy professionals who have a good understanding of HVAC systems.� Others have been known to use it.


Approximately 1000 users worldwide, mostly in the United States.


ESCOs, performance contractors, energy consultants, utilities and energy managers.


Users input building envelope characteristics (windows, walls, etc.), occupancy and thermostat schedules, lighting and internal equipment data and schedules, HVAC system information (including chillers, fans, system type, etc.), HVAC controls, and rate information.� Users can speed up the process by using pre-defined template projects, libraries filled with hundreds of equipment and building envelope items.� Users can also use default values in the data forms for the more esoteric inputs (such as thermal mass and infiltration information).�


MarketManager includes over twenty standard reports formats as well as graphing capabilities.� Users can also configure results output.� The program also allows users to create and print lists of inputted data (such as information on all fans).

Computer Platform

PC Platform, 486 and higher, Windows 3.1 and later.

Programming Language

Delphi (a derivative of PASCAL)


For users who don't want to spend days creating models.� Through the use of templates, libraries, defaults and drag and drop, MarketManager users can create detailed models in a very short time.� The program's calculations are based upon methods outlined in ASHRAE Fundamentals and used in DOE-2.


Users must understand HVAC to correctly create models.� The program doesn't run well with huge detailed models, such as 300 zone hospitals.



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MarketManager costs $2495 per license.� You can download a 30 day trial version at the web site.� For sales information send email sales.