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Calculates residential building heating and cooling loads based on ACCA Manual J7. You enter the data required, the program does all the calculation and prints a complete report of the results. Screen Shots


heat loss, heat gain, residential calculation



Expertise Required

This program is intended for use by heating professionals who are familiar with Manual J7. Persons not familiar with J7 will face a stiffer learning curve. Knowledge of building materials and structural design is helpful.


Few hundred users, mainly in North America.


Contractors specializing in residential heating & cooling installation.


This program requires default information about winter & summer design temperatures, moisture removal, heating load hours and cooling load hours derived from Manual J7, based on the location of the structure. We can look it up for users who do not have the book. The user must supply detailed information about the structure's components dimensions and design. He must also provide information about local utility rates in order to make use of the fuel cost comparison feature.Text boxes are used for all dimensions. Most program controls are graphic. Menus, option buttons and check boxes are widely used, as are drop down list boxes.


Two reports are available. Both are predefined. They give the total energy required and a room by room breakdown of heat gain and loss.

Computer Platform

Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


The program is best for residential applications. It may be used for small commercial applications.


Not intended for larger structures.



Thomas and Associates


PO Box 406
Bellair, Michigan 49615
United States


+1 (800) 426-7130 +1 (231) 533-8472






The web site contains a downloadable demo. The demo cd contains E-Z HEATLOSS & E-Z ESTIMATOR and tutorials showing how to use them. Downloaded programs be authorized by phone for $295.00. Demo CDs may be purchased by phone for $300.00. The program is availabe in English only. The price includes lifetime support for users in the USA & Canada.

The program has been modified to give the demo full capacity. The previous demo limitations are not enforced on the first five trial runs. The one thing the software will not do as a free trial is print your identification and contact information in the report headings. Download a demo and compare it to your current manual or computerized method. Free trial runs are only consumed when you click Save this, no more rooms, so you can quit and save nothing for initial familiarization and then give it a serious test.