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Software that allows users to graphically design and specify HVAC equipment. Pick familiar objects like boilers, pumps, fan coils and air handlers and using drag and drop methods, connect them to form a HVAC system. Once your system is designed, HVAC Solution will automatically spit out equipment schedules and export your schematic to a DXF file. Small projects and large, the software greatly simplifies the design and specification of HVAC equipment. Run different scenarios to find the most cost effective or energy efficient system for your building. Use the graphics as presentations. Screen Shots


boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, pumps, fans, expansion tanks, heat pumps, fan coils, terminal boxes, louvers, hoods, radiant panels, coils, dampers, filters, piping, valves, ductwork, schedules



Expertise Required

A common knowledge hydronic and air systems. A PhD is not required because the software is intuitive.


Over 6,000 worldwide.


HVAC consulting engineers, designers, and contractors.


Airflow, outside air temperature and indoor air temperature. The user then drags, drops and connects objects to design wet side and dry side HVAC systems.


System schematic in DXF format use in your favorite CAD software. DXF objects retain block relationships and are put on layers. Automatically generates a detailed report of all input and output information. HVAC Solution exports equipment schedules with capacity and model numbers for placement on contract drawings or for immediate purchase. Some equipment is even selected automatically.

Computer Platform

Window NT, 2000, me, and XP (it works on 95 and 98 but you will want an new computer).

Programming Language

Visual C++


HVAC Solution is very graphical. It�s true what-you-see-is-what-you-get software and very easy to use. Most people just need a little demonstration and they are off and using the software like a true pro. HVAC Solution takes the hassle of re-calculating equipment sizes based on project changes away because it does all of the calculations for you. HVAC Solution has been designed by engineers for engineers--it works the way you think.


Currently English language only - and it does not wash your dishes, yet.



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Prices start at $549. A free trial version is also available on the web site.