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Designed to explore, summarize and analyze time series interval data. Visualize-IT has been developed specifically for electric and gas load data, but it is equally useful as a general purpose data visualization tool for other time series measurements such as weather, industrial process control, and water quality. Screen Shots


energy analysis, rate comparison, load profiles, interval data



Expertise Required

Basic knowledge of energy data analysis and concepts.


Over 100 users internationally.


Load Researchers, Building Simulation Engineers, Facilities Managers, Energy Account Managers.


Any type of interval (primarily load) data. Visualize-IT can analyze other types of interval data such as weather, hourly prices, etc. Data formats which are supported are Text, CSV, Binary, DOE-2.1E output files, MV-90 and Loadstar Output files, and real-time data downloaded directly from a number of internet data providers.


Visualize-IT produces numerous interactive charts and Energy Prints, a color map of interval data, with the time of day plotted on the Y axis, the day plotted on the X axis, and the measured value for each interval represented using color. Charting options include: Raw values, Aggregated values (by day, week, month, billing period, etc.), Day Profiles (Average Weekday, Weekend, etc.), Calendar view, Frequency Distribution and Cumulative Distribution (Load Duration) graphs. Various tools operate on the data to scale or true-up profiles, restrict analysis to particular time periods, and provide many other operations. The optional Rate Calculator provides a wizard used to design and analyze rate schedules and energy bills. Data (and graphs) can be copied and pasted directly into other applications. Visualize-IT supports a number of standard export formats as well.

Computer Platform

Windows 95/98/ME/NT and 2000

Programming Language

Visual Basic and C++


Data visualization, rate analysis, ability to analyze and compare data with different sample rates, units, time periods and from any number of sources simultaneously.


Not easily suited to analyzing data with sample rates greater than 1 hour (i.e., daily or monthly data).



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Cost is $500 per seat for Visualize-IT and an additional $250 per seat for the optional Rate Wizard. There are no annual fees and minor upgrades are free. Volume discounts are available. A demo version is available from the website. Send email for more information.