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Uses ASHRAE modified bin energy calculation to estimate monthly/yearly building energy consumption in commercial buildings; calculates return on investment and payout on estimated cost of equipment and construction changes. Algorithmic calculations rather than database look-up procedure for accurate, fast operation. Allows quick modification of the job database for comparative economic studies of the energy saving options under consideration.
Most types of air conditioning and heating systems can be modeled, along with different control schedules, changes in building construction and weekly or seasonal changes in internal loads. This allows the simulation of buildings with seasonal load variations, such as department stores, schools and churches. Runs energy consumption for a typical day of each month of the year. Program accepts Air Force bin weather data and mathematically processes these data from the actual three eight-hour bins to 24 one-hour bins so that internal loads can be configured with 24-hour load profiles and temperature set-points and set-backs.
When working with an existing building, the job may be run with weather data for years where energy consumption is actually available for the building. In this way, the program may be "calibrated" to the building before running projections with construction, equipment and operating changes.


energy calculation, commercial buildings, bin method, economic analysis



Expertise Required

Familiarity with ASHRAE commercial load calculation and bin method energy consumption principles; HVAC design experience is desirable. Computer experience not necessary.


Over 100.


HVAC engineers, energy engineers, building managers and owners.


Overall design characteristics of the building such as wall, roof and glass specifications and dimensions. Internal load daily, weekly and seasonal characteristics must be known, as well as base building cooling and heating loads. Weather data for location can be supplied by MC2 or purchased from the U.S. Federal Government. User must have estimated cost of construction and equipment changes, and projected unit costs of fuel and electricity.


Outputs are monthly and annual energy consumption and cost detail for cooling, heating, water heating and lighting the building. The program calculates return on investment and payout of costs for proposed changes in construction and equipment.

Computer Platform

PC-compatible, 286 or higher, running any flavor of Windows.

Programming Language

Fully compiled with portions in assembler language.


Uses ASHRAE methods. Flexible and fast calculation, carrying the analysis down to the true bottom line - return on investment and payout. Program runs in all DOS and Windows environments. In commercial use for over 10 years. Uses algorithmic calculations rather than table lookup. Free technical assistance by telephone, fax or email.


This is a DOS program, which installs and runs itself through any version of Windows by clicking on its Windows icon.



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