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Comprehensive energy analysis program that can be used to perform several different calculations:

  • California code compliance (Title 24) energy analysis of low-rise residential buildings.
  • Residential design heating and cooling load calculations (Res Loads)
  • California Title 24 energy analysis of nonresidential buildings, hotels/motels and high-rise residential buildings with either a prescriptive method approach which individually calculates compliance for the envelope, lighting, and mechanical building components (NR Prescriptive), or a performance simulation method using an approved version of DOE-2.1E (Win/DOE)
    • California HERS rating with CALCERTS and CHEERS
    • Existing Home Analysis for the Energy Upgrade California Program
    • LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 Calculations
  • Nonresidential design heating and cooling load calculations (NR Loads)
  • DOE-2 energy analysis to determine actual energy use, with or without EnergyPro as a pre-processor.

EnergyPro is composed of an interface, which includes a building tree, a set of libraries, and a database of state-certified equipment directories. Although EnergyPro provides fifteen different types of calculations, users can purchase only the modules that pertain to the type of work they do. Screen Shots


California Title 24, LEED, ASHRAE 90.1, compliance software, energy simulation, commercial, residential


ASHRAE 140, RESNET, BESTest, CEC Certification, IRS Commercial Building Tax Credits

Expertise Required

Basic Windows operations. Users should also study the California Title-24 regulations if they are using the software for California code compliance purposes, or ASHRAE 90.1 if using it for LEED. Knowledge of the DOE 2.1E software is strictly optional, as the software provides a shell interface to the DOE-2.1E engine.


More than 6000 licenses of the EnergyPro software have been issued worldwide.


Title-24 energy consultants (residential and non-residential), LEED analysts, builders, architects, utilities, mechanical engineers.


A building tree is used to describe the general building information, similar to Windows Explorer. Users can display different hierarchies of information, zone level, room details, and system and plant levels. Input is streamlined through the use of libraries that come pre-populated with commonly used building components such as walls, windows, mechanical systems, and lighting fixtures.


EnergyPro can provide exact images of any of the 40 or more forms issued by the California Energy Commission. In addition, detailed room-by-room load calculation reports and HVAC psychrometric diagrams can be produced. All available DOE-2.1E reports can be produced from within the program interface, as well as incentive calculation reporting for California's Savings By Design utility incentive program.

Computer Platform

  • 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows Operating System (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7)
  • Hard disk: 250 MB of free space
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • High-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL) for downloading updates

Programming Language



Most users are productive with EnergyPro within a day, thanks to an extensive use of Wizards to speed up the learning curve. A Building Wizard guides the user through the creation of a simple building description, the Calculation Manager sets up appropriate calculations, and an extensive Diagnostic Wizard provides detailed Errors, Warnings and Cautions. Report creation takes less than a minute, thanks to the Report Wizard that guides the user through the myriad of potential reports encompassed by DOE-2 and the code requirements.


A number of more advanced concepts encompassed by DOE-2.1E are not handled by the EnergyPro interface. Examples include cogeneration, daylighting, and off-site steam production. The user must model the basic building in EnergyPro, generate the DOE-2 BDL file, and then manually edit the BDL file to add these features.





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Contact EnergySoft or visit the website for an order form. Cost varies depending on which modules are ordered. Includes one year unlimited technical support. Network versions and simultaneous users are no additional charge within the same physical location. Additional seats are 25% of the full cost of the modules. Available for Download Only. A EnergyPro demonstration version can be downloaded from the website.