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This computer program is designed for cold room refrigeration load calculations. Cold Room Calc requires a minimum of input data to be entered that are sufficient for most frequent tasks occurred in practice. Cold Room Calc can be used both by professionals and non-specialists in the field of refrigeration technology. Cold Room Calc with dual units of measurement (SI and I-P). Cold Room Calc is supplied with the databases on elements of refrigeration heat insulation, types of food products and climatic characteristics of different geographic locations. The entries in these databases can be easily added, deleted and edited by the user.

The output is a table of heat gains into cold room from separate sources, their ratios and also the total heat gain, as well as a table of heat loads grouped by source categories and their total including safety factor. The program allows to enter information about the customer and the project, as well as to get on paper or in electronic form a printout with the calculation results. There is a comprehensive context-sensitive help file. Screen Shots


refrigeration load, heat gains, heat loads, cold room, cooler, freezer, refrigerated warehouse



Expertise Required

Engineering and design skills helpful but not required.


More than 200 around the world.


Cold room design engineers, refrigeration equipment suppliers and contractors, owners of refrigerated storage facilities.


Cold room insulated envelope characteristics, product load characteristics, cold room usage conditions.


Detailed heat gains and heat loads grouped by source categories, their relative percentage and total values.

Computer Platform

PC-compatible working under Windows.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


Simple graphical interface allows users to quickly calculate the required refrigeration load for a cold room. Up to eight different products entering into cold room can be described simultaneously. Input and output data can be changed and viewed interactively to get correct calculation results.


Only two types of refrigerated structures can be calculated: i.e. rectangular and L-shaped.




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Evaluation copy can be downloaded from the web site. $150 - first purchase ($75 for upgrade, free updates). Distributed via Internet and on CD.