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Heat load calculation program that performs comprehensive heat load studies with hardcopy printouts of the results. The BTU Analysi Plus program is designed for general heating, air-conditioning, and commerical studies. Since 1987, the BTU Analysis family of programs have been commercially distributed and are marketed through professional organizations, trade advertisements, and word of mouth. They are currently used in six (6) foriegn countries and the U.S. Used in temperate, tropic, artic, and arid climates. They have proved themselves easy to use, accurate and productive again and again. A version of BTU Analysis Plus was adopted for use in the revised HEATING VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING FUNDAMENTALS by Raymond A. Havrella.


HVAC, heating, cooling, heat load studies



Expertise Required

Little required because of easy to understand data entry pages and fields. Context sensitive help screens guide the user in the collection and entry of the data needed.


200 users World Wide.


HVAC, Maintence, Facilities and Architectual Technicians and Engineers, as well as the Do It Yourself home owners.


By taking building dimensions, construction features and "R" values of insulations and building components, along with Grains of moisture as directed in the On-Site Survey Sheet, accurate heat load area analysis can be performed. Numerical data can be entered either by keyboard or numerical entry pad. Program selection data can be entered either by keyboard or mouse.


There are three report types for both Residential and Commercial Analysis results. These reports are either pre-formatted printouts or the data can be saved to disk in ASCII format. ASCII formatted files can be imported into ANY word processing or reporting program. This data can then be formatted into any format necessary.

Computer Platform

486 or higher PC, 16 MB RAM, and VGA or higher, 256 Color monitor. Windows 95/98/NT.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


Professional and accurate heat load study results with minimum training and expense. Context Sensitive Help screens, single keystroke data entry and On-Site Survey Sheets make this program a pleasure to use.


Does not currently include evaporative cooling, hydronic heating, duct design nor energy auditing features at this time. These features will be included in later releases.



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+1 (336) 882-6255




BTU Analysis Plus 3.0.0 available for $219.95. Additional charges are incurred for Foreign, Special Handing, and Canadian or Mexican Orders. Quantity Discounts are available.

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