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Interactive, online multimedia training and decision support tool for sustainable commercial buildings. EcoAdvisor is highly graphically oriented and highly interactive. When fully developed, it will engage the user via numerous animations and interactions such as mouse-overs, 'more info' drill-down options, radio button choices, sliders, drag-and-drop exercises, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and goal-oriented, problem-solving exercises. The current beta version contains several examples of graphic animations and user-interactions. Interactive multimedia is highly cost-effective compared with instructor-led learning for users can learn 40% faster than in classroom situations, and each user can learn at his/her own pace. Quizzes will be available for all course content, for at least one quiz question has been developed for virtually every page. The user can take a quiz at any time to gauge his/her mastery of the content for a particular lesson topic before, during or after reviewing the content.
EcoAdvisor is currently in beta version with content being added routinely as are refinements to user-interaction and navigation capabilities. The first 2 training modules being developed for EcoAdvisor are HVAC energy fundamentals and O&M and lighting quality and energy efficiency (see also Energy Trainer for Energy Managers � HVAC Module for a description of the source of the HVAC content). The beta version contains example content from a number of HVAC lessons, plus two example HVAC lesson topics. The next version (expected April 30, 1999) will include improved navigation features, additional HVAC example content, plus introductory example lighting content.


online interactive training, online multimedia training, sustainable commercial buildings, lighting, HVAC



Expertise Required

Basic knowledge of use of the internet.


In beta version.


Owners, managers, and other decision-makers for commercial buildings. Other key audiences include developers / construction agencies, design professionals, contractors, commissioning agents, O&M personnel, and students.


No required inputs.


The lesson 'content' is the output. Some of the pages can be quite rich in layered 'drill-down' information and/or radio button options that can be explored at length.

Computer Platform

Any web browser, level 4 or later, screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.

Programming Language

Macromedia Dreamweaver Attain, Javascript, MS Access 97, SQL, FormZ, Photoshop 5, Director 6, Fireworks.


Best used for self-paced, self-directed entry-level learning. Also best used by decision-makers to quickly address key energy-related issues during building design and retrofit (this use being developed now). It is also useful as a study aide when taking the HVAC and lighting portions of the various Federal courses on Energy Training for Energy Managers (FEMP, Army, Navy, Air Force).


Online navigation features need refinement and clarification; this will occur in the second beta version. Also, more complete content is needed, which is being added continuously. Requires level 4+ browsers and screen resolution of 1024x768 or more. Known bug: when using Internet Explorer 4, a bug prevents use of the inch-pound / metric units toggle; this toggle works fine in Netscape 4.



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Currently there is no charge for the viewing the example content material now available for viewing on the website. In the future, costs will be listed for accessing the content of major lessons. Available on the Internet at