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Energy information management and analysis software. Identify utility bill errors, system problems and recover overcharges using FASER's Energy Alarm bill-checking engine. Interface with accounting and reduce bill-processing costs using the FASER AP Link module. Audit the cost avoidance of demand side management projects and performance contracts. Powerful 1000 plus utility rate schedule library for rate comparison using actual metered history. Create your own custom rate schedules. Create formula based virtual sub-meters for recharge accounting needs. Input and maintain raw meter reading data into FASER using a powerful handheld recorder. Establish energy budgets. Determine the impact building activities have on energy consumption. Informative, customizable reports with batch report processing and data export features.


energy information, resource accounting



Expertise Required

Basic knowledge of Windows and data entry. Professional training and implementation services are available.


Over 1500, U.S. and International


Markets: Colleges and Universities, School Districts, Corporations, Retail, Local and State Government, Performance Contractors, Military Bases, Health Care Networks, Positions: Energy and Facility Managers and Engineers, Accounting and Financial Personnel


Setup data (buildings, locations, meters, accounts, etc.), utility bills (manual and EDI/ASCII import), special M&V baseline adjustments, custom rate schedule creation, meter reading data (multipliers, roll-over values, meter reading routes).


Energy Alarm Hot List, enabling identification and management of questionable bills or meter readings. Over 100 reports and graphs, customizable, using Crystal Reports including Bill Alarm Detail, Rate Calculation, Missing Bills, Overlapping Bill Dates, Cost Avoidance Summary and Late Fee Reports. Regression analysis of daily weather vs. energy use, applied to baseline period for cost avoidance. Budget generation of future energy costs, by building energy type.

Computer Platform

Minimum system requirements: 133 MHz Pentium Processor, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95 or later, 25 MB of hard disk space for the program.

Programming Language



Ease of Use. FASER AP Link Electronic interface to accounts payable software system--Check bills before they are paid. FASER Energy Alarm, the most powerful bill and meter-checking engine available. EDI mapped rate schedules and import capability. 1000 plus rate schedule library and rate schedule create wizard- compare rates using consumption history. Virtual sub meter formula creation for recharge accounting. Snapshot application for corporate-wide, read-only viewing and reporting of data. SQL database engine.


Meters assigned to the same FASER account must have the same billing period. FASER account Meter reading recorder interface limited to Hewlett Packard palmtop hardware.



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FASER is no longer available for purchase. Good Steward Software obtained all rights to FASER in late 2002 following Enron's bankruptcy, and is in the process of upgrading FASER clients to EnergyCAP. EnergyCAP was developed and is currently supported by the same team that brought you FASER—Steve Heinz, CEO, and members of the original development, project management, and sales departments. EnergyCAP is based on the same methodology as FASER but includes many major improvements. Further information is available at www.FASER.com.