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Provides a wealth of information about gas cooling technologies and allows evaluating the performance and economic viability of particular pieces of equipment. Gas Cooling Guide PRO (GCG PRO) is a valuable analysis and reference tool for energy utilities, gas cooling equipment manufacturers, HVAC engineers, and others responsible for the technical assessment, economic evaluation, or selection of HVAC equipment for commercial buildings.

GCG PRO allows users to easily run hour-by-hour simulations to compare the energy needs and costs of using a variety of gas and electric cooling equipment including absorption chillers, engine chillers and desiccant equipment with those of competing electric air-conditioning equipment. The tool provides templates for 15 building types and annual weather data sets for 236 U.S. locations. The tool is fast, user friendly, and Windows-compatible. This software projects potential energy and cost savings provided by using gas-cooling equipment. Screen Shots


gas cooling, hybrid HVAC systems



Expertise Required

General knowledge of commercial air conditioning system design and energy analysis. Knowledge of HVAC system application is helpful. No computer programming experience is required.


Approximately 80 users in the US.


: Architects and HVAC engineers, building owners and operators, HVAC system designers and operators, gas and electric utility.


Location, energy rate data, application type and size, comfort control set points, internal loads and ventilation parameters, and equipment parameters and control options.


Information sheets on gas cooling products and case studies as well as reports and charts from energy analysis runs. Reports include job description, building type characteristics, location and design weather, user-defined cooling and dehumidification equipment characteristics, annual energy usage and cost, summary of key calculated performance variables, monthly cooling and heating loads, monthly electric and gas energy consumption by equipment type, and monthly electric and gas cost components. Available charts include humidity control bins, monthly electric energy use, electric demand, electricity costs, gas energy use, gas costs, energy costs, and annual energy costs.

Computer Platform

PC with CD-ROM drive operating in 32-bit Windows environment (95, 98, NT, XP, and 2000).

Programming Language

Visual Basic with DOE-2.1E macros and templates.


Easy to use, quick hourly energy analysis using DOE-2.1E as the simulation engine. Includes templates for 15 typical commercial building types, user-modifiable gas and electric rates, and TMY2 weather data for 236 U.S. locations.


The Gas Cooling Guide is an application screening tool and not a design tool. General knowledge of commercial air conditioning system design and energy analysis is needed to fully utilize software potential. Last update to electronic library of available gas cooling equipment is dated 1999.



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The cost of GCG PRO software is $795.00 plus shipping & handling. To order the software, call 630-406-5900, fax your order to 630 406 5995, or send email.