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Creates summaries of U.S. hourly weather data for 239 cities. BinMaker PRO exports the resulting electronic files for use in spreadsheets, or other computer analysis programs. BinMaker PRO provides the following five functions:

  • BIN summaries by dry bulb temperature or by wet bulb temperature, humidity ration or wind speed. It creates accurate summaries by the choice of four primary variables. Mean coincident values for any of the other three variables (plus enthalpy) are also calculated when requested by user. User may also define a specific operating schedule rather than summarizing all 8760 hours of the year.
  • Ventilation Load BIN Summaries. When a user defines a space-neutral temperature and humidity, BinMaker PRO automatically calculates the moisture and temperature loads for the hours that were selected. The program also calculates the sensible and latent ventilation load indexes, and displays a graph of the results.
  • Joint frequency tables (hours occurring at each combination of temperature and moisture). Joint frequency summaries do not average either temperature or moisture so they avoid the underestimation of loads inherent in BIN summaries.
  • Extract any combination of specific observations from TMY-2 records. If user needs to see only the temperature, diffuse solar radiation, and rainfall for Thursdays in March in San Antonio, BinMaker PRO allows pulling those values out and saving them as an ASCII file for further use in other programs.
  • Copy a TMY-2 File. BinMaker PRO allows copying and entire annual weather file from the CD to user�s hard disk for use in programs which require that format.
  • View ASHRAE design weather data for 1459 domestic and international locations. Convenient electronic format gives you more information than any printed edition. Convert and display values between different units with the click of a mouse.
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Expertise Required

No special expertise is required.


Over 1,100 users in the U.S. and Australia (Australian weather version available).


Energy engineers and professionals who need to utilize binned or hourly weather data in their work.


All inputs are by choosing options in the Windows-based program such as location, type or binning operation, schedule of data to include and selection of binning and mean coincident variables.


All Binning output is displayed and can be output to a tab-delimited file, which can easily be opened by many of today�s spreadsheet programs. Output of selected hourly data is a tab-delimited file.

Computer Platform

PC with CD-ROM drive operating in 32-bit Windows environment (95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP).

Programming Language

Visual Basic


Easy to use software creating binned weather data when and in the format it is needed.





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The cost of BinMaker Pro software is $149.95 plus shipping and handling. To order the software, call 630-406-5900, fax your order to 630 406 5995, or send email.