Weather Data Format Definition

The weather data for EnergyPlus is a text-based format derived from the Typical Meteorological Year 2 (TMY2) weather format.

  • Weather Data Information — the document referenced supplies historical information about the EnergyPlus (EPW) weather file format, but is not accurate on the current format.
  • Auxiliary Programs — information about weather conversion, ground heat transfer, and other utilities.

The EnergyPlus Weather Converter utility that is installed when you install EnergyPlus reads and translates TMY2, TMY3 (Typical Meteorological Year 3 (TMY3), IWEC (International Weather for Energy Calculations format from ASHRAE), Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files, as well as ESP-r, DOE-2 and BLAST weather text format files and custom format weather files into the EnergyPlus weather format. More information about the sources of weather data is available on the Weather Data Sources page.