Real-Time Weather Data

Hourly weather data from stations across the world is continuously collected and stored into a local database. The data is available through this web interface. Most stations have information for dry bulb temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed/direction, atmospheric pressure, visibility, cloud conditions, and precipitation type. Data may not be available for all stations and may not be contiguous for time period selected. The time stamps for most stations are converted from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Local Standard Time (LST). However, if station information is not found for the Station ID, then the time will be in GMT and the user must convert the timestamps manually to reflect LST. To request for a data set to be e-mailed to you, complete the simple process below.

Note: The real-time weather data in this database is from public-domain sources. The data is provided as it was received — the data have gaps and have not been validated, smoothed, or changed in any way. Where small gaps exist, data can be extrapolated using a simple algorithm found in the User's Manual.

Step 1: Choose Location

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