Example File Generator

Launch EnergyPlus Example File Generator.

The web-based forms allow you to enter general information about the building you want to model. The application then automatically creates a complete EnergyPlus input file, runs an annual simulation, and then emails you the EnergyPlus input, output, DXF and other files along with an annual summary of the energy results.

Because EnergyPlus input files contain a lot of detail, the building description has been reduced to a set of simple, high-level parameters. The remaining detail is generated from defaults, building energy standards, and computer routines that automatically generate a complete geometry description. This beta application is a spin-off of commercial building research and is therefore currently only available for commercial buildings.

Help Using the Example File Generator

Extensive help files are available for the EnergyPlus Example File Generator. They are easily available as you use the EnergyPlus Example File Generator or you can view the help files now.