EnergyPlus Training

GARD Analytics offers a variety of EnergyPlus training and workshops. In addition to these public events, you can host or sponsor an EnergyPlus Training workshop tailored to the needs of your organization—the EnergyPlus Team can provide instructors and training materials on a fee basis. Please contact or visit EnergyPlus Training for more details.

DesignBuilder Training

A number of public training workshops on DesignBuilder are available. Visit the DesignBuilder website for more details.

EnergyPlus University Course Teaching Material

A curriculum outline and accompanying PowerPoint slides intended to aid professors in teaching a course on EnergyPlus is available. The material provides students with information on how EnergyPlus works and what information the program needs as input and provides as output. The course outline is flexible enough to be used in its entirety or as part of a larger course on building simulation.

The course is designed for upper-level undergraduate as well as graduate students at the (USA) university level. The primary audience is students of mechanical or architectural engineering with a background in heat transfer and thermodynamics. Instructors in affiliated fields such as civil engineering, architecture, etc., may need to supplant some of the lecture material with more basic information on heat transfer, thermodynamics, engineering analysis, etc.

EnergyPlus University Course - Teaching Aids for Professors

See Documentation and Support for help with using EnergyPlus.