EnergyPlus User Support

Support for users of EnergyPlus is currently available through e-mail or via the website.

EnergyPlus Helpdesk

A helpdesk system has been set up for managing EnergyPlus user support requests. The helpdesk system includes a download area, a knowledge base and troubleshooting area. To submit new support requests (tickets) or search the knowledge base, please go to You may also submit new issues, files and reply to tickets via e-mail at This address has been linked to the helpdesk since early May 2008. This is the way to get your specific EnergyPlus questions answered.

EnergyPlus Support Group on Yahoo

The EnergyPlus Support YahooGroup is a user-to-user email list where you can ask questions of other users. The YahooGroup website also includes additional files and weather data not published on the EnergyPlus website. For more information about the EnergyPlus Support Group on Yahoo, visit the website:

You can review past messages. You must join the group to send a message. Click on the link to join the EnergyPlus_Support group now. Once you are a member, you can send messages to:

While the EnergyPlus development team does monitor this list, the best place to get support is the EnergyPlus Helpdesk.

Building Simulation Email List

BLDG-SIM is a mailing list for users of building energy simulation programs. Building energy simulation programs allow users to estimate the energy use and operating cost of residential, commercial and other types of buildings. You have to join the list to post and receive messages.

See Documentation and Training for help with using EnergyPlus