New Features

Highlights of this release (V8.2)

Core changes to EnergyPlus

  • Internal simulation engine code translated from FORTRAN to C++ to spur the evolution of EnergyPlus through:
    • Improved interaction with a larger community through a more popular code base, and
    • improved access to code libraries for performance and enhanced capabilities.
  • Language change initially caused a slightly slower codebase due to translation overhead, however several restructuring efforts in the code eventually led to EnergyPlus v8.2 being faster than v8.1 in many tests cases.
  • Development transitioned to GitHub, where the source code is to be made fully public in the spirit of the open source license.


  • Bug fixes throughout

Building Envelope

  • Integrated slab calculations now allow improved simulation of ground heat transfer


  • Improved sizing algorithm for including fan heat in cooling coil calculations
  • Improved sizing input options for scaling autosized values
  • Additional plant load dispatch algorithms based on meeting component part-loading targets
  • New models for single-sided natural ventilation with multiple openings
  • New on/off fan option for unit heater and unit ventilator
  • New fault model for coil fouling
  • DOAS direct to zonal water-to-air heat pumps
  • Expanded support for table lookup for plant equipment performance
  • New zone air mass flow balance option (partially link HVAC flows with zone mixing and infiltration)


  • Ice storage curve-fit tool


  • Windows 7 - 64-bit version (32-bit may be available via Helpdesk)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and compatible) - 64-bit version (32-bit may be available via Helpdesk)
  • Mac OSX 10.9 - 64-bit version
  • EnergyPlus 8.2.0 has been tested on all these platforms
  • EnergyPlus does intensive computations, and based on configuration, can write massive amounts of data to disk. For best performance, computers should have a substantial amount of memory and high speed hard drives.