Weather Data

Weather data for New Zealand are available below. The original source data are described on the Weather Data Sources page.
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Auckland-Auckland AK 931190 (NIWA) ZIP - Auckland-Auckland AK 931190, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Auckland Auckland 931190 (IWEC) ZIP - Auckland Auckland 931190, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
Bay of Plenty-Tauranga BP 931850 (NIWA) ZIP - Bay of Plenty-Tauranga BP 931850, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Canterbury-Christchurch CC 937800 (NIWA) ZIP - Canterbury-Christchurch CC 937800, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Canterbury Christchurch 937800 (IWEC) ZIP - Canterbury Christchurch 937800, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
Central Otago-Lauder OC 938510 (NIWA) ZIP - Central Otago-Lauder OC 938510, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
East Coast-Napier EC 933730 (NIWA) ZIP - East Coast-Napier EC 933730, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Manawatu-Paraparaumu MW 934200 (NIWA) ZIP - Manawatu-Paraparaumu MW 934200, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Nelson Marlborough-Nelson NM 935460 (NIWA) ZIP - Nelson Marlborough-Nelson NM 935460, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Northland-Kaitaia NL 930120 (NIWA) ZIP - Northland-Kaitaia NL 930120, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Otago-Dunedin DN 938910 (NIWA) ZIP - Otago-Dunedin DN 938910, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Queenstown Lakes-Queenstown QL 938310 (NIWA) ZIP - Queenstown Lakes-Queenstown QL 938310, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Rotorua-Rotorua RR 932470 (NIWA) ZIP - Rotorua-Rotorua RR 932470, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Southland-Invercargill IN 938450 (NIWA) ZIP - Southland-Invercargill IN 938450, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Taranaki-New Plymouth NP 933090 (NIWA) ZIP - Taranaki-New Plymouth NP 933090, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Taupo King Country-Turangi TP 932450 (NIWA) ZIP - Taupo King Country-Turangi TP 932450, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Waikato-Hamilton HN 931730 (NIWA) ZIP - Waikato-Hamilton HN 931730, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Wairarapa-Masterton WI 934710 (NIWA) ZIP - Wairarapa-Masterton WI 934710, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Wellington-Wellington WN 934360 (NIWA) ZIP - Wellington-Wellington WN 934360, NIWA (TMY) ZIP
Wellington Wellington 934360 (IWEC) ZIP - Wellington Wellington 934360, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
West Coast-Hokitika WC 936150 (NIWA) ZIP - West Coast-Hokitika WC 936150, NIWA (TMY) ZIP

File Information

Each file is named using the ISO standard three-letter country abbreviation (i.e. CUB for Cuba), followed by the location name, World Meteorological Organization designation (WMO) and the source format (CTZ2, CWEC, CityUHK, CSWD, CTYW, ETMY, IGDG, IMGW, IMS, INETI, ISHRAE, ITMY, IWEC, KISR, NIWA, RMY, SWEC, SWERA, or TMY3). Thus, — is the ASHRAE International Weather for Energy Calculations (IWEC) data for Havana, Cuba, WMO 782240.

The compressed file (ZIP) which contains the following files for the location:

  • EnergyPlus weather files (EPW)
  • A summary report on the data (STAT)
  • An ASHRAE Design Conditions Design Day Data file (DDY).