Weather Data

Weather data for Malaysia are available below. The original source data are described on the Weather Data Sources page.
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All Regions : Southwest Pacific WMO Region 5 : Malaysia

George Town 486010 (IWEC) ZIP - George Town 486010, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
Kota Baharu 486150 (IWEC) ZIP - Kota Baharu 486150, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
Kuala Lumpur 486470 (IWEC) ZIP - Kuala Lumpur 486470, IWEC (TMY) ZIP
Kuching 964130 (IWEC) ZIP - Kuching 964130, IWEC (TMY) ZIP

File Information

Each file is named using the ISO standard three-letter country abbreviation (i.e. CUB for Cuba), followed by the location name, World Meteorological Organization designation (WMO) and the source format (CTZ2, CWEC, CityUHK, CSWD, CTYW, ETMY, IGDG, IMGW, IMS, INETI, ISHRAE, ITMY, IWEC, KISR, NIWA, RMY, SWEC, SWERA, or TMY3). Thus, — is the ASHRAE International Weather for Energy Calculations (IWEC) data for Havana, Cuba, WMO 782240.

The compressed file (ZIP) which contains the following files for the location:

  • EnergyPlus weather files (EPW)
  • A summary report on the data (STAT)
  • An ASHRAE Design Conditions Design Day Data file (DDY).