Weather Data

Weather data for CANADA are available below. The original source data are described on the Weather Data Sources page.
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Calgary 718770 (CWEC) ZIP - Calgary.718770, AB (TMY) ZIP 
Edmonton 711230 (CWEC) ZIP - Edmonton.711230, AB (TMY) ZIP 
Fort McMurray 719320 (CWEC) ZIP - Fort.McMurray.719320, AB (TMY) ZIP 
Grande Prairie 719400 (CWEC) ZIP - Grande.Prairie.719400, AB (TMY) ZIP 
Lethbridge 712430 (CWEC) ZIP - Lethbridge.712430, AB (TMY) ZIP 
Medicine Hat 718720 (CWEC) ZIP - Medicine.Hat.718720, AB (TMY) ZIP 
British Columbia
Abbotsford 711080 (CWEC) ZIP - Abbotsford.711080, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Comox 718930 (CWEC) ZIP - Comox.718930, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Cranbrook 718800 (CWEC) ZIP - Cranbrook.718800, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Fort St John 719430 (CWEC) ZIP - Fort.St.John.719430, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Kamloops 718870 (CWEC) ZIP - Kamloops.718870, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Port Hardy 711090 (CWEC) ZIP - Port.Hardy.711090, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Prince George 718960 (CWEC) ZIP - Prince.George.718960, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Prince Rupert 718980 (CWEC) ZIP - Prince.Rupert.718980, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Sandspit 711010 (CWEC) ZIP - Sandspit.711010, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Smithers 719500 (CWEC) ZIP - Smithers.719500, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Summerland 717680 (CWEC) ZIP - Summerland.717680, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Vancouver 718920 (CWEC) ZIP - Vancouver.718920, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Victoria 717990 (CWEC) ZIP - Victoria.717990, BC (TMY) ZIP 
Brandon 711400 (CWEC) ZIP - Brandon.711400, MB (TMY) ZIP 
Churchill 719130 (CWEC) ZIP - Churchill.719130, MB (TMY) ZIP 
The Pas 718670 (CWEC) ZIP - The.Pas.718670, MB (TMY) ZIP 
Winnipeg 718520 (CWEC) ZIP - Winnipeg.718520, MB (TMY) ZIP 
New Brunswick
Fredericton 717000 (CWEC) ZIP - Fredericton.717000, NB (TMY) ZIP 
Miramichi 717440 (CWEC) ZIP - Miramichi.717440, NB (TMY) ZIP 
Saint John 716090 (CWEC) ZIP - Saint.John.716090, NB (TMY) ZIP 
Battle Harbour 718170 (CWEC) ZIP - Battle.Harbour.718170, NF (TMY) ZIP 
Gander 718030 (CWEC) ZIP - Gander.718030, NF (TMY) ZIP 
Goose 718160 (CWEC) ZIP - Goose.718160, NF (TMY) ZIP 
St Johns 718010 (CWEC) ZIP - St.Johns.718010, NF (TMY) ZIP 
Stephenville 718150 (CWEC) ZIP - Stephenville.718150, NF (TMY) ZIP 
Nova Scotia
Greenwood 713970 (CWEC) ZIP - Greenwood.713970, NS (TMY) ZIP 
Sable Island 716000 (CWEC) ZIP - Sable.Island.716000, NS (TMY) ZIP 
Shearwater 716010 (CWEC) ZIP - Shearwater.716010, NS (TMY) ZIP 
Sydney 717070 (CWEC) ZIP - Sydney.717070, NS (TMY) ZIP 
Truro 713980 (CWEC) ZIP - Truro.713980, NS (TMY) ZIP 
Northwest Territories
Inuvik 719570 (CWEC) ZIP - Inuvik.719570, NT (TMY) ZIP 
Yellowknife 719360 (CWEC) ZIP - Yellowknife.719360, NT (TMY) ZIP 
Resolute 719240 (CWEC) ZIP - Resolute.719240, NU (TMY) ZIP 
Kingston 716200 (CWEC) ZIP - Kingston.716200, ON (TMY) ZIP 
London 716230 (CWEC) ZIP - London.716230, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Mount Forest 716310 (CWEC) ZIP - Mount.Forest.716310, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Muskoka 716300 (CWEC) ZIP - Muskoka.716300, ON (TMY) ZIP 
North Bay 717310 (CWEC) ZIP - North.Bay.717310, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Ottawa 716280 (CWEC) ZIP - Ottawa.716280, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Sault Ste Marie 712600 (CWEC) ZIP - Sault.Ste.Marie.712600, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Simcoe 715270 (CWEC) ZIP - Simcoe.715270, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Thunder Bay 717490 (CWEC) ZIP - Thunder.Bay.717490, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Timmins 717390 (CWEC) ZIP - Timmins.717390, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Toronto 716240 (CWEC) ZIP - Toronto.716240, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Trenton 716210 (CWEC) ZIP - Trenton.716210, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Windsor 715380 (CWEC) ZIP - Windsor.715380, ON (TMY) ZIP 
Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown 717060 (CWEC) ZIP - Charlottetown.717060, PE (TMY) ZIP 
Bagotville 717270 (CWEC) ZIP - Bagotville.717270, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Baie Comeau 711870 (CWEC) ZIP - Baie.Comeau.711870, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Grindstone Island (CWEC) ZIP - Grindstone.Island, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Kuujjuarapik 719050 (CWEC) ZIP - Kuujjuarapik.719050, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Kuujuaq 719060 (CWEC) ZIP - Kuujuaq.719060, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
La Grande Riviere 718270 (CWEC) ZIP - La.Grande.Riviere.718270, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Lake Eon 714210 (CWEC) ZIP - Lake.Eon.714210, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Mont Joli 717180 (CWEC) ZIP - Mont.Joli.717180, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Montreal Intl AP 716270 (CWEC) ZIP - Montreal.Intl.AP.716270, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Montreal Jean Brebeuf 716278 (CWEC) ZIP - Montreal.Jean.Brebeuf.716278, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Montreal Mirabel 716278 (CWEC) ZIP - Montreal.Mirabel.716278, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Nitchequon CAN270 (CWEC) ZIP - Nitchequon.CAN270, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Quebec 717140 (CWEC) ZIP - Quebec.717140, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Riviere du Loup 717150 (CWEC) ZIP - Riviere.du.Loup.717150, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Roberval 717280 (CWEC) ZIP - Roberval.717280, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Schefferville 718280 (CWEC) ZIP - Schefferville.718280, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Sept-Iles 718110 (CWEC) ZIP - Sept-Iles.718110, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Sherbrooke 716100 (CWEC) ZIP - Sherbrooke.716100, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
St Hubert 713710 (CWEC) ZIP - St.Hubert.713710, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Ste Agathe des Monts 717200 (CWEC) ZIP - Ste.Agathe.des.Monts.717200, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Val d Or 717250 (CWEC) ZIP - Val.d.Or.717250, PQ (TMY) ZIP 
Estevan 718620 (CWEC) ZIP - Estevan.718620, SK (TMY) ZIP 
North Battleford 718760 (CWEC) ZIP - North.Battleford.718760, SK (TMY) ZIP 
Regina 718630 (CWEC) ZIP - Regina.718630, SK (TMY) ZIP 
Saskatoon 718660 (CWEC) ZIP - Saskatoon.718660, SK (TMY) ZIP 
Swift Current 718700 (CWEC) ZIP - Swift.Current.718700, SK (TMY) ZIP 
Yukon Territory
Whitehorse 719640 (CWEC) ZIP - Whitehorse.719640, YT (TMY) ZIP 

File Information

Each file is named using the ISO standard three-letter country abbreviation (i.e. CUB for Cuba), followed by the location name, World Meteorological Organization designation (WMO) and the source format (CTZ2, CWEC, CityUHK, CSWD, CTYW, ETMY, IGDG, IMGW, IMS, INETI, ISHRAE, ITMY, IWEC, KISR, NIWA, RMY, SWEC, SWERA, or TMY3). Thus, — is the ASHRAE International Weather for Energy Calculations (IWEC) data for Havana, Cuba, WMO 782240.

The compressed file (ZIP) which contains the following files for the location:

  • EnergyPlus weather files (EPW)
  • A summary report on the data (STAT)
  • An ASHRAE Design Conditions Design Day Data file (DDY).